Look Overseas. You Can’t Afford Not To…

Look Overseas. You Can’t Afford Not To…

Lief watches CNN. It’s harder and harder for me to stay in the room when he turns it on.

It’s always the same. War. Politics. Economic catastrophe.

Yes, this is an election year. And, yes, the U.S. is embroiled in Iraq and Afghanistan. U.S. real estate markets are taking a nose dive.  Food and fuel costs have jumped. Credit is tight. The stock market is uncertain…

Yikes. When you allow yourself to look at the world from the CNN perspective, you want to run, arms flailing, for the nearest exit.

Only maybe you feel like you don’t have an out.

But you do. A way out that you aren’t going to read about in the papers or hear about on CNN or CNBC.

What I’m talking about isn’t newsworthy. But it could amount to the most important realization of your life.

And here it is: The world is all those things you hear about in the mainstream press, of course…but it’s also a great big oyster. You just need to know where to look for the pearls.

Right now in places all around the globe…in Europe, in Asia, in the Americas…people are friendly and the living is good…the weather is perfect and crime is virtually non-existent…the health care is excellent and the prices for everything from homes to groceries and doctor’s visits make you think it’s 1953 all over again.

This is the world we show you in these dispatches.

It’s a world where you can enjoy your life…live better maybe than you ever have before…on as little as $1,233 per month. (Slash that to $694 a month if you choose to own your own home and don’t have to pay rent.)

I’m not inventing these numbers. They’re the sum totals of the careful figuring of our editors on the ground. And they’re just the beginning of the story.

For, while a chance to live better on less is certainly a good reason to embrace this retire overseas idea…it’s not the only one.

Forward-thinking souls, like you, are finding that a new life abroad in retirement (or otherwise) brings many advantages and benefits that you could never predict and might never imagine right now, sitting where you’re sitting today.

That’s why you need to get up.

And become part of the Retirement Revolution. It’s taking hold…building momentum…promising a better life…

How do you join in? You simply decide that you’re ready to enrich your life. To find new and interesting ways to spend your days. To discover, to explore, to grow…

To start a whole new life altogether…that could cost you a fraction what it would cost you to stay put and stick with the status-quo.

Thinking that it’d be nice to have a little help getting started? Don’t worry. Our far-flung team of editors, correspondents, friends, experts, and expats is working around the clock as I write to provide full support.

Through these daily dispatches, of course…but we’ve got something else up our sleeves, as well. Something in a format that will allow us to answer all your questions and to give you the full story, from the scene, in a way no one else can.

This is just what you’ve been looking for.

Watch this space.

Meantime, enjoy your Sunday.

Kathleen Peddicord


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