Medical Tourism In Thailand

Medical Costs In Dallas Versus Medical Costs In Thailand—A Side-By-Side Comparison

“My husband Billy and I have been proponents of medical tourism for decades,” writes retire early expert Akaisha Kaderli ( “The value and convenience of medical treatment in other countries has made a considerable impression on us over the years.

“Recently, a friend who lives in Dallas gave us a side-by-side comparison of seeking medical care for a skin condition both in Dallas and then in Bangkok, Thailand. His side-by-side comparison of the two experiences really hit the point home.

“Here’s how our friend told us his story:

“‘First, in Dallas, it was not possible to get an appointment for three months, unless I was a previous patient.

“‘In Bangkok, a visit was available within 20 minutes, no appointment required.

“‘In Dallas, the visit was at a PrimaCare Clinic, with two doctors on duty.

“‘In Bangkok, the visit was at Bumrungrad International Hospital, a world-class medical care facility.

“‘In Dallas, the waiting time was almost five hours–3 1/2 in the main waiting room and then another hour in the examination room.

“‘In Bangkok, the wait was 20 minutes (remember, this was without an appointment).

“‘In Dallas, after I’d had my doctor visit and been prescribed medication for treatment, I went to fulfill the prescription. The first pharmacy told me I’d have to wait an hour. I drove to a second pharmacy, where I had to wait 30 minutes. Total time consumed, including drive time, was 1 1/2 hours.

“‘In Bangkok, the pharmacy was part of the clinic, and the medication was delivered to me 10 minutes after I’d seen the doctor.

“‘In Dallas, the cost was US$150 for the doctor, US$50 for an ‘extra services’ fee, and US $100 for the medication.

“‘In Bangkok, the cost was US$30 for the doctor, US$10 for the ‘clinic fee,’ and US$100 for the medication

“‘The total cost in time, money, and effort?

“‘In Dallas, I spent six hours and US$350 and was frustrated all along the way.

“‘In Bangkok, it took less than an hour to achieve the same end and cost US$140. I got service and courtesy to boot. ‘”

Kathleen Peddicord

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