Reasons Expats Are Moving To Panama

No More Rat Race—One More Case For Panama

While Lief and others from our Panama City office have spent the better part of the past week in the meeting rooms of the Veneto Hotel, hosting our Live and Invest in Panama Conference, I’ve been sticking close to home. They’ve all rallied to run the show and allow me to continue convalescing.

Thanks to Skype, they’ve also kept me in real-time touch with the goings-on. My daughter, Kat, especially, has acted as my eyes and ears on the ground, updating me throughout each day…

“I spoke with a couple just now,” Kat Skyped me on Thursday,” who had decided a while ago that Panama was the retirement destination for them. They planned their ‘administration trip’ to Panama months ago—to get their residency under way, open bank accounts, look at real estate, and take care of anything else that required them to be in the country.

“Then,” Kat continued, “just a couple of weeks ago, they heard about our VIP Panama Circle group. As I said, they already had their trip to Panama planned, but, when they read about our personalized hand-holding service, they decided it was exactly what they needed to make sure their administration trip went as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

“They signed up for the Panama Circle. Then our Panama Circle Liaison, Marion de Mena, got in touch with them to ask how we could be of help. They told her about their planned visit to Panama and explained that they hadn’t yet figured out which lawyers or banks to meet with.

“Marion sent them our list of recommendations. They made their choices, and Marion set up appointments. At the same time, Marion asked the couple if they were planning to attend our upcoming Panama conference, as the dates for their trip to Panama overlapped with the conference dates…and, as Panama Circle members, they could attend free.

“The couple replied to say they didn’t even know the conference was taking place. Was it too late to sign up, they wanted to know?

“Of course not, Marion told them. We’ve always got seats in the room for Panama Circle members. Marion got them registered for the event…and now, today, here they are! They’re a very nice couple, and they’re having a great time,” Kat added.

Then this from Kat via Skype on Friday:

“I just spoke with a man who explained that he’s here in Panama this week as a first stop. From here, he’s going on to Belize and Colombia to compare and make up his mind.

“He told me that he wants Florida to be his hub, because from there he can hop quick direct flights to all the countries he’s interested in. He’s right now considering his choices in this part of the world, but he’s also planning to spend time in Europe and Asia. Plus he’s keeping his ‘little Florida place,’ as he put it and will spend some time there each year, too.

“’I think Panama is for me,’ he said, but he doesn’t want to be in the city. He’s interested in the interior of the country and will be exploring there after the conference.

“He said that he thinks Belize might be too extreme of a relaxation destination for him. He still works two jobs and wants to remain active. ‘I don’t want to be lazing around in a hammock and I don’t want to live in that kind of an atmosphere either,’ he told me. He wants activity but also a place that is a little removed from the rat race. I think he’s right. Panama could be perfect for him…”

Kathleen Peddicord