Our First Annual Retire Overseas Conference

Retire Overseas 101–Live And Fully Interactive

Our Panama-based team has spent the better part of today around our conference table brainstorming, debating, and planning.

The topic?

Our First Annual Retire Overseas Conference. Stateside. Late May.

The world’s top 18 overseas retirement havens. Detailed, compared, and contrasted by the world’s savviest retire-overseas experts.

This is Retire Overseas 101, live and fully interactive.

For each of the 18 top havens on our list, we’ll look in great detail at everything from cost of living to health care, from political stability to taxes, from the average annual rainfall to the best options for obtaining foreign residency status, from how to find the best deal on a rental to how to purchase a new home of your own, from opportunities for starting a business to how to budget your new life…

No theory. No marketing spin. No, boy, the view of the ocean from your bedroom window will be lovely…

Well, maybe a little of that.

We don’t want to forget the dream entirely. We’re all chasing it. The dream of a new and better life somewhere cheap, sunny, and safe.

I do my best to keep the dream front and center for you in these dispatches each day. Day-dreaming about the possibilities of a richer, fuller life in a sun-drenched overseas paradise is fun. No argument from me on that.

I’ve harbored (and written about) this dream for more than 25 years, and I still enjoy being reminded of all the new opportunities for discovery and reinvention that await just around the next bend in the road…

I also understand, at this point, that day-dreaming doesn’t make it so.

To realize your dreams of a new life overseas, whatever form they take, you need to set aside the romantic, and you need to focus, at least for a while, on the real.

That’s our agenda with our First Annual Retire Overseas Conference. And that’s why we’re holding it Stateside.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to take this first step. Once you do, once you sign on to join us in May, we’ll take over.

Our program is going to be geographically comprehensive (covering the top options right now in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, with experts from each region). It’s going to provide all the nuts-and-bolts information you need, with special, in-depth sessions on health care, residency, financial planning for retirement, and taxes.

And, again, it’s going to be fully interactive, with workshops, during which our experts will walk you through how to choose the overseas haven that’s right for you, how to budget for your dream retirement, how to choose the international health insurance plan that’s best for you, and how to establish yourself in your new life.

I’ve been putting on live, invest, and retire overseas conferences for more than two-dozen years. The program we’ve conceived for this one is nothing like that of any other event I’ve been involved with in the past.

This takes overseas retirement planning to the next level.

I speak for the entire, far-flung Live and Invest Overseas team when I say, we can’t wait for May!

I’ll have more details for you in coming weeks. Meantime, you can register your early interest here.

Kathleen Peddicord

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