Retire Overseas Tales Of Success

Retire Overseas Tales Of Success. Please, Share Your Story!

In New York for a few days this week to visit my daughter, who has just begun her senior year at university in Manhattan, I met for lunch Friday with my book agent to discuss the outline for my second book.

This next guide will feature real-life tales of people who are already living their dreams overseas.

I issue today, therefore, a call for stories!

If you’re living abroad, in retirement or otherwise, full- or part-time, please, get in touch. I’m particularly interested in tales of part-time retirement in a foreign country, of retirees who are traveling back and forth between “home” and their chosen Shangri-las abroad, and of those who are dividing their years among two or three destinations.

In addition, this next book is going to have a focus on creative ways to fund your retirement in paradise. Therefore, I’d appreciate hearing from you if you’re one of the many entrepreneurially inclined “retirees” who have taken advantage of this phase of life to launch a business.

If you’ve already begun your retire-overseas adventures, and would be willing to be interviewed to share your story with others preparing to follow in your footsteps, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

You can reach me by e-mail here:

Kathleen Peddicord

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