Retire To El Valle, Panama

One Couple’s New Life In The World’s Top Retirement Haven

One of your fellow readers called us in the office here in Panama City Friday afternoon.

“I need help,” he explained. “I’m ready to make a move as soon as February of the New Year. But I don’t know where to go. I think I prefer mountains to the beach, because of the climate. I don’t want it too hot. And I want a place where I can settle in…become part of the local community.

“All I’ve got right now is my Social Security, so the cost of living needs to be very affordable. And I need access to high-speed Internet.”

“Are you a subscriber to our Overseas Retirement Letter?” I asked.


“Then watch your e-mailbox. This month’s issue, on its way to you as we speak,” I explained, “details exactly what you’re looking for.”

Indeed, dear reader, for, in this current issue of the Overseas Retirement Letter, our editors introduce subscribers to the place they’ve identified as The World’s Top Retirement Haven for 2009: El Valle de Anton, Panama.

“We fell in love with El Valle the moment we set foot here,” explains expat retiree Cynthia interviewed in the Overseas Retirement Letter report. Cynthia, with her husband Fred, took up residence in the lovely mountain town of El Valle just about a year ago.

“We’d visited the usual spots: Panama City, Boquete, Vulcan Baru, and Santa Fe,” Cynthia goes on to explain. “But there was just something magical about this place, and we connected with it immediately.

“When our pensionado visas were ready, we further explored the area looking for property to buy. We found it just outside town and bought on the spot.

“We bought the land in El Valle, returned home to Colorado, finished remodeling our house, sold it and most of our belongings, and moved here with our two cats. With the exception of our mover, everything went smoothly.

“Today, nearly a year later, we are known in the community by both Gringos and Panamanians alike, and yes, we feel accepted…We feel so fortunate to be here…”

Read the complete interview, along with the full featured report on living the good life in retirement in the world’s #1 haven, in the Nov. 15 issue of the Overseas Retirement Letter.

Kathleen Peddicord


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