Retire To The Bahamas?

“Thank you for all the good information. However, I haven’t seen anything about possibly moving to the Bahamas. Is it just too expensive there? I’d be interested in the pros and cons of living on one of the Bahamas islands.”

— Kate K., United States

Living on an island is complicated and generally expensive. The Bahamas can be affordable, if you’re willing to adopt the life of a local…but you might not be up for that.

To live the kind of lifestyle you might want to live would be costly. It’s an island. If it doesn’t grow there naturally…you’ve got to haul it in. That gets expensive. Plus, especially on the more remote “Out Islands,” as they’re called, your options for entertainment  would be limited. Life in these islands revolves around the sea, the sand, and the sun. This could suit you down to your snorkel fins…or it could send you wailing back to the mainland.

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