Retiring From Texas To Panama

Ed And His Wife Are Boquete-Bound—We Wish Them A Grand Adventure

As you read this, Edmund Bayton and his wife, Texans until last week, are starting a new life. This Carnavale season, Ed and his wife have journeyed to Panama City, where they are enjoying Week #1 of their retirement in Panama.

I haven’t had a chance to meet with Ed and his wife yet personally, but I’ve been hearing about them in the office every day for the past couple of weeks. Ed and his wife are Panama Circle members, and Marion, our Panama Circle Members Liaison, has been helping them to get their feet under them as they embark on this great adventure.

Ed had a clear plan in mind when he and his wife touched down at Tocumen International Airport. They’d spend a week or so in Panama City before taking off for their ultimate destination. They’d buy a car. Get a Panama driver’s license. Open a bank account. Do some shopping for things they knew they’d need in their new home. Their residency visas had already been sorted out.

Marion has been keeping me updated on the Bayton’s progress as they work through their to-do lists. I’ve been impressed by how organized they’ve been in their approach. How efficient.

I’d like to think that maybe we’ve had a little to do with this. The Baytons attended our Live and Invest in Panama Conference last year and then became Panama Circle members. Which means they’ve had Marion’s support as they’ve been engineering their big transition.

The day after they arrived, Marion mentioned the car. “Ed is hoping to buy a car while he’s in Panama City this week. He wants something new,” Marion told me.

Coincidentally, a friend moved on from Panama earlier this month. He left his almost-new car with us for safekeeping…with the instructions to sell it if a buyer came along.

“Would Ed want to buy John’s car?” I wondered aloud to Marion that day.

“Ah! I don’t know, but I’ll ask him.”

Ed was interested. Lief drove the car over to his hotel so that Ed could have a look. The two worked out payment terms. Lief offered to go back to the dealer to buy the roof rack that Ed was hoping for and attach it to the car for him.

“Can I ask one more thing?” Ed wondered. “Could I ask you to hold on to the car for me for a few days? I don’t think I want to brave Panama’s roads over Carnavale. Everyone keeps telling me traffic is crazy. Even crazier than normal.”

“No problem,” Lief replied. “We understand not wanting to brave Panama traffic. At this point, Kathie will drive in the city only on Sundays, when the roads are much quieter.

“How about this? We’ll bring the car to you after Carnavale. Then our driver, Alberto, will lead you through the city and over the bridge. He’ll get you on your way safe and sound. This way you won’t get lost, which is really easy to do in Panama City. And, if you do have any problem, Alberto will be there to help.”

The rendezvous is set for Thursday. Ed’s destination? He and his wife are Boquete-bound. We wish them all the best as they set off for what we hope (and believe) will be the time of their lives.

Kathleen Peddicord

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