Retiring Overseas, How To Get Started…How To Become A Travel Writer

Retiring Overseas, How To Get Started…How To Become A Travel Writer

“Thank you for the exciting and informative e-mails about living overseas. I’m glad I signed up for your list. Over the past few weeks, I’ve become convinced that living overseas is a possibility for my wife and myself.

“But I’m unsure how to go about it. While we have traveled around the United States for years, neither of us has ever ventured outside the country (except during my military service). We’re in our 50’s and have yet to get our first passports. What’s more, we’ve been hit pretty hard by the economic downturn and, frankly, have little savings and a bleak financial outlook for the near future. We’re among those hard-working but never rich, unable to save anything middle-aged Americans who long only for a comfortable, peaceful place to live and grow old. Of course, a little adventure would be nice as well.

“I guess what I’m asking you is, how do folks like us find our place in this world? What is cheap but pleasant, accommodating but not crowded, suitable and attainable for two people who don’t have a lot but who don’t ask for much?

“One last question: I’ve noticed that quite a few of your emails are from or by your ‘Correspondents.’ Who are they? How does a person become one?

Thanks again for the e-mails.”

— James N., United States

You’ve already taken the first step, dear reader–you’ve realized that living overseas is a realistic possibility for you…as it is for everyone. And you’ve begun reading these daily dispatches.

Next step, take a crash course. The best Retire Overseas 101 resource I know is the Home Conference package we put together following our How To Retire Overseas Conference in Panama City last month. This package of materials walks you through the key issues and topics of concern you’ll need to consider and address as you think through your best options for taking up residence in a new country (including residency and visa options, banking, taxes, shipping, figuring your monthly budget, health care, health insurance, and how to stay in touch with friends and family back home).

This package of materials also introduces you to the world’s top 18 overseas retirement havens right now, with a special focus on Panama, the world’s #1 retirement option. You can order this full bundle of Retire Overseas resources here now.

From what you’ve told me about your priorities, dear reader, I’d suggest you take a good look at Cuenca, Ecuador, Montevideo, Uruguay, and perhaps Santa Fe, Panama (see above).

How do you become a Correspondent? Hone your travel writing skills then hit the road and stay in touch. I’m always in the market for new contributors, and it can be much easier than you might imagine to take up the travel writing trade. Take a look here for the real-life story of one of the most successful travel writers I know.

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