The Life of Riley Amid Colonial Splendor

Antigua has been described as one of the world’s best preserved colonial cities,” writes Guatemala Correspondent Michael Paladin in the Jan. 15 issue of the Overseas Retirement Letter, out today.

“In my opinion, it ranks above Havana, Cuba, above Granada, Nicaragua, and above Merida, Mexico.

“Also called the ‘Land of Eternal Spring,’ the rains start in May and end in October, leaving the surrounding valleys and mountains lush with vegetation. In the afternoon, the sky gradually darkens: around 3 p.m., the first rains begin, often becoming downpours, filling the streets as the storm drains back up. Then the downpour ceases, and the air is pure and fragrant again…

“Horse-drawn carriages wait by the plaza, and shoe-shine vendors circulate with their little black wooden boxes, hoping to find a tourist wearing something other than canvas shoes or hiking boots. The tourist police and the local constabulary that stand about are usually their best customers.

“Originally, the square was barren and treeless, the official site of hangings, floggings, and other punishments meted out by the Spanish conquerors or their church brethren for whatever transgression was deemed worthy of the lash. Today the park is tree-filled and alive with the singing of birds and the clip-clop of the horses making their way around the cobblestone streets…”

How much to live in this colonial city oozing charm, elegance, and history? If you rent, Michael’s detailed budget, included in today’s issue, tallies the cost of the good life in Antigua to be US$1,393 a month.

What if you invest in one of the colonial structures this city is known for? Own your own place, and, Michael assures Overseas Retirement Letter subscribers, you could become his neighbor, enjoying the life of Riley with him in Antigua, Guatemala, for as little as US$593 a month.


Kathleen Peddicord

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