The Retire Overseas Process

A Reduced Cost Of Living Is Only A Place To Begin This Conversation…

“We made you two promises when we extended the invitation for you to join us here in Music City for this year’s Retire Overseas Conference,” I explained to all those assembled in the meeting room of Nashville’s Loews Vanderbilt Hotel on the opening morning of this week’s event.

“First, we promised to introduce you to the world’s 21 best places to think about living or retiring overseas right now. In fact, we’re going to introduce you to 22.

“Second, we promised to show you how to engineer a move to whichever of these places gets your attention.

“This retire-overseas thing can be pretty cut-and-dried. You choose a destination, you buy a plane ticket, and you show up. It really is that simple…on one hand.

“On the other hand, it’s nothing like that simple. You need a step-by-step plan. That’s what we aim to deliver over the coming three days, with the help of the more than 50 correspondents, expats, and experts from around the world we’ve convened here with us this week.

“This retire overseas conversation often begins with cost. And, no question, you can improve your quality of life and live better than you ever have even on a very small budget in many of the places we’re going to talk about over the coming three days.

“However, a reduced cost of living is only a place to begin, because the benefits of relocating your retirement overseas go well beyond budget.

“This is about reinvention, about starting over, and about having the biggest adventure of your lifetime.

“Let’s get started…”

Kathleen Peddicord

Editor’s Note: Today’s dispatch is excerpted from Kathleen’s opening remarks to participants in this week’s Retire Overseas Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

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