Three Best Retirement Havens


The Good Life Defined…On As Little As US$1,000 A Month

La Barra, Uruguay, El Valle de Anton, Panama, and Mendoza, Argentina.

What do these three places have in common?

They’re three of the best spots in the world to think about taking up residence as a retiree right now.

Over the past six months, as we’ve launched and gone into production with our Overseas Retirement Letter, we’ve considered and reconsidered the world map. Where is the living safe, friendly, and, critically, affordable?

Where can the would-be retiree transplant find interesting ways to spend his time, new friends to spend it with, an Internet connection when he wants one, and reliable health care when he needs it?

Where can he have a pleasant morning view from his bedroom window? Where can he fall asleep without worrying that every window and door is double-locked?

In short, where can he ratchet up his standard of living, slowing down and settling in to enjoy a better qualify of life…including even little luxuries like help around the house or a part-time gardener…all the while reducing, maybe dramatically, his cost of living?

Our agenda with the Overseas Retirement Letter is clear and simple. We’re committed to helping each reader find the overseas retirement haven with his name on it. To that end, it’s no accident that, in our first issue, we featured sophisticated seaside retirement in La Barra…then, last month, serene and idyllic country living in El Valle…and, now, in our current issue, out this week, San Rafael in Mendoza Province.

As a friend likes to say, “Where vines grow, the living is good…”

In Mendoza, vines grow…and produce grapes that are stomped into vintages increasingly recognized among the world’s most quaffable.

Good wine, great steaks, beautiful landscapes, comfortable weather, friendly people, safe streets, workable infrastructure, and, yes, a highly affordable cost of living.

San Rafael is the good life defined…and it can be yours on a budget of as little as US$1,000 per month. If you’re an Overseas Retirement Letter subscriber, watch your e-mailbox for our full report.

If you’re not an Overseas Retirement Letter subscriber, become one here now.

Kathleen Peddicord

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