Trader Jack’s Bazaar

Ever On The Trail Of The World’s Most Awesome Stuff

When he was 9-years-old, our son Jack declared that he wanted to start a business. His idea was to create a website to sell trinkets and crafts from the places where we travel. We helped him with a name for the enterprise, and his Dad purchased the accompanying domain name. Trader Jack’s Bazaar was born.

Then we suggested that maybe Jack could work to develop the business with his older sister. We were living in Paris at the time, and Jack’s sister Kaitlin was in the States for college. The two would hold business meetings during holiday breaks, but progress was slow.

Earlier this year, Kaitlin and Jack (now 14) reconnected on the idea and have been working together in earnest since to launch their enterprise. The marketplace website is now ready for customers, fulfillment systems have been put into place, marketing copy has been written, and the whole family is now involved in sourcing products. We have our marching orders in the form of the Trader Jack’s Bazaar Mission Statement.

Ever on the trail of the world’s most awesome stuff.

Last month the trail led us to Ecuador where we added to the inventory for this chilly mountainous country. We found some great alpaca textiles to take us (and our customers) cozily through the coming winter months.

We are also selling Ecuadorian long-stemmed roses, in boxes of 25, 50, or 100. These beautiful roses are all grown under fair trade conditions and are delivered to your door straight from Ecuador. Treat someone special to a bouquet this holiday season!

Ecuador is just one of the five countries Kaitlin and Jack are representing on their website for the launch (the others are Panama, Kenya, Vietnam and Guatemala). They’ve also designed some Live and Invest Overseas luxury line of products, including the De Leon Duffle and the Pickwick Pen.

Kaitlin and Jack are excited to have the Trader Jack’s Bazaar website live in time for this year’s holiday shopping season and are launching the site with a special Black Friday discount – 20% off the entire site and US$5.95 shipping on any orders with coupon code MADDASH13. Don’t forget to also give them a “Like” on the Trader Jack’s Bazaar Facebook page.

Kathleen Peddicord

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