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Road Trip To Belize

I’ll be mercifully brief today, as we’ve got to get on the road.

Yesterday afternoon, I flew from Panama City to the Cancun airport, to meet up with Lief (who’d closed our conference in Puerto Vallarta the day before…we’ll have further reports from the scene of that event for you tomorrow) and friend Phil Hahn. Phil had volunteered to make the drive up from Belize to collect Lief and me at the airport and then give us a ride back down to Belize City (where we’ll be all this week for our Live and Invest in Belize Conference).

Why meet in Cancun for a conference in Belize? Because we wanted to take a detour, to see Tulum.

I was last in Tulum 25 years ago. Though I’ve visited Mexico’s Riviera Maya dozens of times since, I’ve not returned to Tulum specifically. In my memory, this is a dirt village. We’re off shortly to take a quick driving tour of the region today before heading south to the Belize border. There’s something in particular here that I’m interested to see.

While Lief reports that Puerto Vallarta is quiet, struggling through an ongoing downturn in tourism and investment, if the airport is any indicator, Cancun is alive and well. A sea of tourists flowed through the international arrivals hall yesterday. I waited an hour-and-a-half in the immigration line, among flipflop-wearing, beach bag-toting masses, then bobbed and weaved my way through the mob outside to find Lief and Phil.

Lief and Phil are calling now for me to join them for breakfast so we can get on our way. As I said, something very interesting is developing in this region of Mexico that I want to see firsthand. More soon.

Kathleen Peddicord

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