Why These Nine Expats Have Retired To Cuenca, Ecuador

Expats Of Cuenca

Who moves to Cuenca, Ecuador…really? And why?

Emily and Roger Romaine relocated to Cuenca four years ago from Colorado. For this couple of retirees, travel is a priority.

“We have always loved to travel,” Emily explains, “and Cuenca is not only a great place to live but also a great launching pad for exploring Latin America.”

Emily adds that, as an added bonus, airfares to Europe are generally cheaper from Ecuador than from the United States.

Sylvia Mitchell, a retired school teacher from Indiana, says she chose Cuenca because she wanted to stay active. In addition to volunteering for an animal rescue service and a domestic violence safe house, Sylvia enjoys card games with her friends and her weekly women’s lunch group. She says she considered locating in smaller communities in Ecuador but is glad she didn’t. For Sylvia, the cultural and volunteer opportunities available in Cuenca are a perfect fit.

David Edwards, a retired U.S. law school administrator, splits his time between Cuenca and a small farm an hour’s drive south of town where he tends a garden and raises geese.

“For me it’s the best of both worlds,” David explains. “I love the country, and I love the city. Back in California I could barely make ends meet with a one-bedroom apartment. Here in Ecuador I can afford to indulge both my lifestyle interests.”

Since moving to Cuenca in 2011, Daniel and Sally Ellis have worked part-time, via the Internet, for their old law firm back in New Jersey, advising their former partners in product liability cases. In addition, Sally has continued her sideline art career and has had several exhibitions of her work in local galleries. Daniel says he finally has time to catch up on his reading.

Jan and Tom Jeffers divide their time between Cuenca and Fort Lauderdale. Jan says it’s important to spend time with the grandchildren, but she also enjoys the expat lifestyle.

“It’s great that Florida is only four hours away,” Jan says, “but we also enjoy our friends in Cuenca and all the cultural activities here.”

Ralph Winston, who provides computer and Internet services to Cuenca expats, says he is finally able to pursue a lifelong interest in creative writing. Ralph has joined an expat writing group and says he’s halfway through his first book.

“Who would have thought that, at 60, I would be writing my first novel?”

David Morrill


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