“You Gotta’ Love This Town!”

“My taxi ride over here cost only a buck-and-a-half. And, along the way, I got the phone number for a pretty girl. You gotta’ love this town!”

We spent time yesterday with a friend from the States who’s preparing for his relocation later this year from California to Panama City. Our young, single amigo is making the move for business reasons…but Panama City’s other appeals aren’t lost on him.

“Maybe we could share an office?” he suggested, after I mentioned that we’re shopping for new space.

“Did you see the link I forwarded you for office rentals in the Global Bank building? I’d say it’s the best office space in the city. What do you think?”

“Well, I’m looking at Casco Viejo. That’s where I’d really like to be.”

“Casco Viejo? You mean Casco Aburrido. That is to say, Casco Boring…”

Au contraire, my friend. Not boring. Romantic.”

“Boring and crumbling.”

“OK, yes, crumbling…but, mostly, charming.”

“Crumbling…charming…I guess it can be a fine line.”

“Casco Viejo is the only part of the city where I feel at home,” I continued.

“But what is there to do over there?” our friend wanted to know. “The casinos, the nightclubs…they’re all over here in the center of the city.”

“We’re an old married couple with kids. We’re more concerned about parks than casinos.”

“But the telecommunications infrastructure is more advanced and reliable downtown. Over on the peninsula, you’ll have Internet problems.”

“Maybe. But we’ll manage.”

“I can’t take that chance. For my business, I need state-of-the-art wireless systems,” our friend explained.

“I’ll visit you from time to time for lunch in the park over in Casco Viejo,” he concluded.

“OK…and maybe you’ll let us tag along with you for a night out in the big city now and then…”

Kathleen Peddicord

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