Young Expats In Panama

How Ted Reinvented His Life In 2 ½ Weeks

“How long have you been here in Panama?” Kaitlin asked.

“Two-and-a-half weeks,” Ted replied.

“What? Two-and-a-half weeks?! How…” Kaitlin’s question trailed off. She couldn’t process the data being presented.

Ted is a young man (just celebrated his 29th birthday) from Michigan, where he graduated college a few years ago with a degree in World History. Now, here he is in Panama. As he explained to Kaitlin Friday evening, he’s been here about two-and-a-half weeks.

As far as I can tell, Ted showed up with a single local contact, someone who might have a job for him. That fell through. So Ted set out to see what other opportunities he might find. He gave himself a month.

Ted got in touch with the Young Expats Of Panama group, attended some of their meetings, where he met businesspeople, both local and expat. Someone, somewhere, told him about my daughter Kaitlin’s new AngloInfo business. Ted researched online. Read about the AngloInfo launch party earlier this month at the Radisson, which he attended and where he met another young expat, Sagie, who, coincidentally, had been hired by Kaitlin a few months earlier to help with the construction of the AngloInfo website.

In conversation, Ted told Sagie that he’s looking for work. Wants to stay in Panama but needs a job. Sagie told Ted about Live and Invest Overseas.

“You know, I have some writing experience,” Ted explained. “And I’ve traveled. I spent time in China, where I worked for a couple of newspapers. And I freelanced for a paper in Kenya. Do you think Live and Invest Overseas would be interested in talking to me?”

“In fact,” Sagie explained, “I think they’re looking for a new Editorial Assistant right now.”

Ted made inquiry at our Panama City office. Harry, our Associate Publisher, responded to say, yes, we’re in the market for a staff writer. Ted sent a resume and a writing sample. I interviewed him a couple of days later. Offered him a job the next morning. Then Harry invited Ted to join us for our staff Happy Hour last Friday night at Panama City’s Londoner Pub. We drank ale and played pool.

Midway through the evening, it occurred to Kaitlin to ask Ted how long he’s been here in town.

Two-and-a-half weeks.

Ted starts tomorrow as our new Editorial Assistant.

“I’ll see you 8:30 Monday morning,” he said with a smile as I waved good-bye Friday evening…

Kathleen Peddicord

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