Your Dream Country Home In Italy…From 11,000 Euro

Property Renovations In Abruzzo, Italy

It’s a common dream: Find a tumbledown farmhouse in Italy and renovate it into a dream country home.

In some regions of Italy, Abruzzo, for example, the cost can be as tempting as the romantic notion. You can find stone house ruins in this part of the country for US$50,000 and less….sometimes much less.

But then what? Unless your plan is to relocate straightaway and to live nearby…you’re faced with the challenges of a long-distance renovation.

And, even if you are ready to up-sticks and camp out near your renovation project…are you prepared to become a general contractor overseeing a bunch of workers who speak only Italian?

The idea of renovating a country house in Italy is tempting. The realities of undertaking the renovation of a country house in Italy are daunting.

Here’s the solution: Get in touch with House Around Italy. This group is now offering what amounts to Country House Renovation In A Box service.

First, the fun part. Choose your ruin. House Around Italy has more than 40 150-year-old (give or take) stone houses on their books right now, in the Abruzzo region, in a medieval borgo overlooking a lake, in various stages of decay.

This region of the country, by the way, is quintessential Italy, with the food, the climate, and the lifestyle to match your fondest la dolce vita daydreams.

It’s also about 30 minutes from the Adriatic coast’s miles and miles of golden, sandy beaches…and less than 40 minutes, as well, from the many ski resorts in the nearby mountain chains.

Nice place to be.

And affordable. The tumbledowns on House Around Italy’s books are priced from as little as 7,000 pounds sterling. Average price is 20,000 to 40,000 pounds sterling.

Plus, each one comes with a detailed plan and budget for renovation.

Here’s a bargain example: An 80-square-meter, two-bedroom Majella stone house on three floors priced at 11,000 euro. Detailed plans for the renovation have already been drafted. You can purchase these for 5,000 euro…and, yes, you can make modifications.

The cost of the renovation, according to these plans, has been budgeted to be 59,500 euro.

You’re all in (except for the furniture) for 75,500 euro.

That’s a great price for a fully renovated stone house overlooking a lake in an Italian country town dating back to the Middle Ages.

But maybe the best part is that you have the opportunity right now to realize your daydream of Italian country living with a minimum of hassle and headache. House Around Italy manages the work and the workers. And the people at House Around Italy speak English.

Kathleen Peddicord

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