You’ve Just Got To Trust Yourself

You’ve Just Got To Trust Yourself

“One of the biggest realizations for me living in Latin America is how much personal injury law has changed our culture and our lives in the United States…”

–Lee Harrison at last week’s Live and Invest in Colombia Conference in Medellin

“Begin by clarifying your agenda,” Lee Harrison told the group during his closing presentation for last week’s Live and Invest in Colombia Conference.

“Why are you considering Colombia? What are you looking for? A place to retire? A second home? An investment? Colombia offers many good choices for all those things. You just need to be clear in your own mind about what you’re doing here.

Colombia hides great diversity,” Lee continued, “from the world-class colonial city of Cartagena to smaller Spanish-colonial towns…from international-class cities including and especially Medellin to mountain villages and fincas…plus great beaches, too.

“The cost of living in this country is likewise very diverse. You could live here, comfortably, on less than US$1,000 a month…or you could live on US$6,000 or US$7,000 per month or more in Bogota, for example. You could live like a local or not. Colombia offers a standard of living that competes with the best available anywhere. Again, it’s a question of what you’re looking for and what you want to pay for.

“Establishing residency in Colombia is actually as easy as it is represented to be. This has not been my experience in many other countries,” Lee added.

“But it’s not only great retirement and lifestyle options that are available in Colombia right now. This country is one of the best places in the world today to invest in real estate. Specifically, I would direct your attention to El Poblado in Medellin and Santa Marta on the coast.

“The other interesting income opportunity in this country right now is to invest in a high interest-earning account. Open an account with the financial house we’ve introduced to you here at the conference, for example, and you can earn 6% on your money from a time deposit. And you don’t have to be a resident of the country to do this.

“The options and opportunities are many. The challenge is getting started. You’ve taken the all-important first step by coming here to Medellin for this week’s conference,” Lee continued. “Now you’re asking yourself, I’m sure: What next?

“That is: What do you do now? When should you make your move?

“Sooner is better than later,” Lee told the group. “And now is best.

“How do you know that things will work out? You don’t know…you can’t know. But you can trust yourself. You have to trust yourself. Trust that you’ll be able to make things work out.

“It’s like trying to determine the best time to have kids. There is no best time…no right time…and you just have to trust yourself. You’ll do your best, and you’ll make it work.

“As with starting a family, there will always be a reason not to make your move overseas. You’ll always be able to talk yourself into waiting.

“You just have to take the leap. Just do it.

“It’s not a one-way free fall. You could always move back. And, if it came to that, you’d return ‘home’ with the memory of what likely will amount to the adventure of your lifetime.”

Kathleen Peddicord