Steve Rosberg has held top management functions in banks in Argentina, Grand Cayman and Ecuador, and has done international financial consulting for individuals and corporations. His extensive direct international experience in financial systemic crises, country default situations and inflationary environments taught him crisis management and to focus on businesses in real producing assets as the most reliable and the safest way to long term capital growth.

Today, Steve's investment management company, Ushay, does business in Argentina and Uruguay, investing in forestry, vineyards, construction, and real estate. Ushay focuses on structuring, managing, and operating real asset producing businesses, as well as providing private trustee services.

Steve is an Economist and graduated from UCA in Buenos Aires in 1975. He has done numerous courses during his many years in senior management, as well as post-graduate studies in Forestry Related Business Management. He has conducted seminars and given talks on financial risk management, international business, and direct investment.

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