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Overseas Living Letter

Where are the best places in the world for you to live better, reinvent yourself, and have a grand adventure in 2024? The Annual Overseas Retirement Index seeks to answer those questions… The Index brings you a close-up and comprehensive look at the 13 Best Places in the World to Retire Overseas in 2024. We scouted the globe to identify these top destinations and then rated them on the criteria that are most important to retirees, including Health Care, Cost of Living, Cultural Amenities, and so on.

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Simon Letter

Over the last 20 years living and doing business around the world, Lief Simon has built a network of reliable and expert contacts he trusts– attorneys, bankers, tax consultants, and other advisors, both Stateside and in the jurisdictions where he spends time and money. These are the people who keep him up-to-date on important changes… as they happen. We know of no other reliable source where this kind of from-the-scene intelligence from the world’s top offshore havens is shared in real time by someone with real world, firsthand experience at all this. Simon Letter fills this gap.

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Panama Letter

Interested in retiring to Panama? Want to know more about what Panama has to offer? We scoured the country to identify Panama’s Top 10 Retirement Destinations For this new edition of the Panama Letter Index. This Index is a comprehensive guide to the 10 places in Panama you should be looking at for retirement. We handpicked these places and then organized, graded, and ranked them using the criteria we think are most important to retirees, like Cost Of Living, Health Care, Ease Of Access, and more.

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Portugal Letter

Portugal Letter will make it possible for you to get up to speed and to stay current, in real time, with current opportunities in this corner of the world… Specifically, your status gives you the chance to try out Portugal Letter for just US$4.95. That’s a full 60 days—risk free—of Portugal intel. If you love the service, simply do nothing and you’ll stay on as a subscriber for the low annual rate of only US$120 US$109. Cancel anytime—you’re always protected by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee… A FREE Portugal Insider’s Welcome Package of 6 e-books and videos are yours to keep, no matter what.

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Buying Real Estate Overseas For Cash Flow (And A Better Life) | 2 Month Global Property Advisor (Trial)

Making money through investing in real estate doesn’t have to be difficult. The hardest part is finding the real opportunities! If only there was a way for you to learn about all the best options available today without having to spend a boatload traveling the world searching, or risk being scammed from a third world property developer, and wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert on your side, one who can layer judgement and weight the pros and cons, risk and reward, and show you options that he himself has invested in… It is not a pipedream… In every single issue of Global Property Advisor Lief doesn’t just you give a glimpse, he gives real, actionable opportunities and presents the best properties available, no matter what your goal may be. Today you can join Lief Simon as he shares with you his extensive tips, knowledge, experiences, and the best current investment deals on offer across the globe. His new Global Property Advisor covers all the bases, including turnkey properties with little to no upkeep and maintenance, agricultural investments that will have you harvesting profits for decades, and even pre-construction deals for under $50K…

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52 Days To Your New Life Overseas

Live And Invest Overseas Courses

Once you've enrolled in our new “52 Days To Your New Life Overseas” program, you'll begin receiving, each day for the next 52 days, an email dispatch personally from Live and Invest Overseas Founder, Kathleen Peddicord, with that day's vital lesson.

This is a focused program that will lead you, from Day 1 through Day 52, through every aspect of planning for a new life overseas.

In these daily lessons, she'll walk you through the process of building a new life in a new country, starting with determining which overseas haven is calling your name… then leading you, day-by-day, your hand in hers, through the questions, the challenges, the issues, and the choices you'll face… helping you to make the best possible decision at every turn…

So that, 52 days later, all you'll have to do is get on a plane.

Our new program starts at the beginning… and follows through to your new beginning… to the day you're ready to make your retire-overseas dreams a reality.


Live And Invest Home Conference Kits

Live And Invest Home Conference Kits

Our famous Live and Invest Overseas Home Conference Kits are the most comprehensive resources we offer.

Each one is a complete guide to living, investing, and retiring in the destination featured, packaged as a collection of reports and expert presentation recordings.

You'll gain access to dozens of hours of information in each case, including from our top legal, banking, residency, health care, and tax contacts... as well as expats and entrepreneurs sharing their personal tales of success (and challenges!) in their own words.

No other resource available compares...

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Overseas Haven Reports

Live And Invest Overseas Bundles

Somewhere out there is waiting for you…

We’d like to help you find it and make it your home, so we've come up with the "Best Of Live And Invest Overseas" collection.

Our most popular e-books into full-coverage packages .

Discover the Best of the Caribbean... the Best of Portugal... the Best of the Philippines... and much, much more...

Browse all the bundles and claim yours now.