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Panama 101: 101 Things You’ll Wish Someone Had Told You About Panama.

A tropical wonderland with a cosmopolitan capital, Panama is truly the World’s #1 Do-Everything Haven.

Already one of the world’s most established expat retirement havens, Panama is also one of the easiest and most advantaged places to establish foreign residency (you can accomplish this simply by opening a bank account with a small deposit).

This remarkable opportunity not only grants you permanent residency, but it also comes with the option of a work permit.

This little country with two long coasts, one with crashing Pacific waves and the other with tranquil Caribbean waters, is a top choice for entrepreneurs, thanks to its tax haven status (even an American can live and run a business here tax free), its international banking center, its developed infrastructure, its educated, English-speaking labor pool, and its pro-business perspective.

Panama City is the hub of all Latin America, a place where everyone comes to shop modern, American-style malls, to do their international banking, and to relax (or party it up) on vacation.

Panama beyond its capital is a natural paradise with more diversity of flora and fauna than anywhere else in the region, including Costa Rica.

This country can be an excellent choice for retirement, for reinventing your life at any age, for raising a family, for starting a business, for investing (both for long-term profit and immediate cash flow), for living tax free, and for diversifying offshore.

As I said, this is truly the world’s #1 do-everything safe harbor.

Leverage Our 20 Years Of Boots-On-The-Ground Panama Experience

We’ve been making the case for Panama for nearly 20 years now, and we’re more bullish on the opportunities and upsides on offer in the Hub of the Americas than ever before.

No doubt the country offers serious pluses for anyone in the market for a full, interesting, adventure-filled, and comfortable standard of living for a lower cost than in the United States or Europe.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you seek, Panama has you covered. Here in this country so blessed by Mother Nature you find beautiful islands, all manner of beaches, mountain retreats, and colonial towns.

The people here are friendly, and, outside Panama City, the living is laidback and easygoing. With almost half of the country’s total population of 4 million living in or near Panama City, the rest of the country is wide open.

I’m all in on Panama.

About nine years ago I moved my family here…

After decades doing business all over the world, I chose Panama as the best place to invest my time and my money in a business of my own…

I’ve also invested in multiple properties here… from a chic condo in the metropolitan capital to a family beach home far out on a secluded Pacific coast and from commercial rental properties to productive land.

To say I strongly endorse Panama as a place to live and invest would be an understatement.

Welcome to Panama… Land of Opportunity

If you haven’t been down here yet to witness this playground of opportunity for yourself, you need to fix that.

Our job now is to prepare you for that trip!

And we’ve got a lot of work to do… because, you see, there’s not simply one Panama. This is a small country that delivers an enormous level of diversity. The tempting, even irresistible options for how to stake your Panama claim are many.

It seems almost too good to be true… until you dig deeper, and then you realize something…

As you work to get to know Panama better, you’ll come to understand that there’s the Panama of the marketing hype… there’s the Panama as seen on the news and the internet…

There’s the theory of Panama… the idea of Panama…

Then there’s the real Panama.

To make the best decisions possible as to how to proceed with your own Panama plans, you need to see Panama for what she really is…

You need to open your eyes to the good, the bad, and the ugly of living, investing, banking, and doing business in this much-talked-about little country.

As I said, it’s our job now to make that happen.

In Focus: Panama comes from a team of top Panama experts, colleagues, correspondents, and friends. The common denominator is that we’re all Panama expats ourselves.

The folks you’ll hear from in your free In Focus: Panama issues are all in Panama for different reasons… all chasing their own Panama dreams… but —and this is most important—they’re all speaking and reporting from firsthand, real-time experience.

In Focus: Panama is not the product of an editor or even of a team of editors sitting behind desks and researching what’s going on in Panama via the internet so they can repackage and regurgitate what they find online for you.

We figure you can search google as well as anybody.

Your ongoing conversation with In Focus: Panama will help you sift and filter all the (sometimes conflicting) Panama (mis)information you’ll find online when you go looking.

In Focus: Panama is a true insider’s guide to the real Panama.

Nobody knows Panama like we know Panama. Ours is, if I do say so myself, the most experienced team of Panama pros you’ll find anywhere… and we’re ever on the move in this country, traveling, investing, doing business, making money, adventuring, and having a grand time in this land of opportunity.

We don’t hold punches. Nowhere is perfect, and every place has its faults. We’re sure to point them out, remembering that what is a plus for one person can be a minus for the next…

In Focus: Panama is published every other Thursday, and it is a totally free service.

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