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Overseas Retirement Letter

Top 2011 Retire Overseas Options Revealed In Full

Cheapest, safest, weather, best infrastructure, best health care...most tax-advantaged and most foreign resident-friendly...

Plus most beautiful, romantic, exotic, historic, and adventure-filled.

Subscribers of the Overseas Retirement Letter will be introduced to each and every one of the world's 2011 top retirement havens, in complete and current detail.

Each month brings complete and in-depth reports on the world's top overseas havens, including full details on residency, visa options, health care, taxes, and itemized monthly budgets for all of the world's top retirement havens.

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Top Health Insurance Options For The Retiree Abroad

Health insurance is a top priority for anyone considering a move overseas. Within the pages of this two-manual kit, learn the difference between local insurance and international policies, when a local hospital policy can make sense (and provide super-affordable coverage), the two most important factors in qualifying for coverage, and how much you should be paying in the world's top havens. Everything you need to know as you consider your top options for expat health insurance is detailed in this two-report package.

It is possible in some parts of the world to arrange all the health coverage you need for as little as US$100 a month, maybe even as little as US$50 a month. Or you could forego the expense of insurance altogether by opting to "pay-as-you-go" in a country where medical costs are so low (and standards so high) that taking out a health policy simply wouldn't make sense. Find out what those countries are, as well as the answers to all your international health insurance questions.

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Next Step Kit – How To Realize Your Dreams
of a New Life Overseas

This series of reports is your roadmap to creating your new life in Paradise. The Next Step Kit contains four invaluable reports that will help you well on your way to realize your dream life overseas, detailing everything you need to know about establishing residency overseas:

First, the "Next Step Guide to Living Your Dream: The Perks, Privileges, and Peace of Mind of Residency in the World's Top 18 Overseas Havens" This is the most complete and comprehensive guide available to foreign residency status, that legal blessing that allows you to live the life of your dreams, for as long as you like, in the world's top 18 overseas havens right now, that countries that we believe offer the best expat living anywhere.

Second, "Panama: The World's Top Retirement Residency Haven – Even If You're Not A Retiree" This special report walks you through the most appealing visa options in the world's most user-friendly offshore haven, including the world's best pensionado program and a program that allows you to qualify as a full foreign resident by making very smart hard asset investment.

Third, "Malaysia My Second Home." Malaysia not only offers up the opportunity for luxury living in a cosmopolitan environment even on a modest retirement budget. But, unlike most countries in this part of the world, it also welcomes foreign retirees. In fact, it has thrown its doors wide open for you.

The fourth component of your Next Step Kit is the "Retire At 45 In Tropical, Tax-Free Belize." This is your complete, current, and comprehensive guide to establishing residency in this English-speaking country with a long Caribbean coast that is also perhaps one of the easiest places in the world to become a full-fledged legal foreign resident. When you do, you could live tax-free (even if you're an American).

Remember, as with all Live and Invest Overseas products, you will receive all updates of our Next Step Kit published during the 12 months following your date of purchase, with our compliments.

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44 Things You Must Know Before You Relocate, Retire, Or Invest Offshore

The nuts-and-bolts support you need to live, retire, and invest overseas with confidence.

Before you take off for your new life in Paradise overseas, let us show you...

  • The secret to cheap international health insurance...
  • Your best options for shipping your personal belongings overseas...even how to ship your cat...
  • The fast track to permanent residency in the world's 6 top retirement havens...
  • The many benefits of second citizenship...and how to obtain it legally...
  • 6 things you must know before you open a foreign corporation...
  • How to reduce your tax burden by 80% or more overseas...even how to live tax-free...
  • How to meet people in your new country...even before you move...
  • The easiest way to keep in touch with friends and family back home...

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The Overseas Retirement Circle

A VIP Membership from Live and Invest Overseas, the Overseas Retirement Circle has three objectives:

  • First, to bring you more and more extensive information related to the world's top options for living and retiring better overseas. Our Overseas Retirement Circle is an opportunity to take your retire-overseas dreaming and planning to a next level...

  • Second, our Overseas Retirement Circle aims to provide support to help you formalize and execute your own retire-overseas plan...

  • Third, this private circle of like-minded folks exploring the world's top options for living and retiring well aims to connect you with your fellow members...

Members of our new Overseas Retirement Circle are part of an inner circle working together, with full support from Live and Invest Overseas and complete access to Live and Invest Overseas resources, to realize their dreams of launching new and better lives overseas. Members have access to exclusive access to the Live and Invest Overseas experts, with interactive teleconferences and forums, plus special discounts, savings, perks, and privileges.

Every member of this group is in your shoes....searching for the best place in the world to make the most of the next phase of their lives. They, like you, are considering, comparing, and contrasting the many and often confusing options.

Fast track your overseas retirement today.

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52 Days Course

This new program will lead you to the doorstep of your new life overseas…and it will make it possible for you to walk through that door and begin living the life you're now dreaming about in as few as 52 days.

Rather than trying to figure it all out by yourself (and risk finding yourself in the same spot where you sit right now a decade from today!), you can follow this fully detailed, step-by-step, fool-proof program designed…to get where you want to be in as few as 52 days.

To help you figure out some of the big-picture issues—that would be beyond the scope of one of the daily e-lessons—the “52 Days To Your New Life Overseas” program also includes a library of getting-started special reports, sent to you immediately upon your enrolment.

By signing up for your "52 Days To Your New Life Overseas" program, you will receive:

Plan Your Retirement in 52 Days (E-course):  The step-by-step course that features advice, insight, and recommendations from Kathleen Peddicord. Includes 52 comprehensive and interactive lessons.

Getting Started Bonus #1: Top Health Insurance Options For The Retiree Abroad (Value: US$89)

Getting Started Bonus #2: Next Step Guide To Living Your Dream: The Perks, Privileges, And Peace Of Mind Of Residency In The World's Top 18 Havens (Value: US$149)

Getting Started Bonus #3: 44 Things You Must Know Before You Live, Retire, Or Invest Overseas (Value: US$29)

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 All Live and Invest Overseas publications are delivered in electronic format.