Con Murphy

Con was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1981. After Studying Business and Legal Studies at the University College Dublin he worked as a real estate researcher in the U.K and South Africa.

In 2006 Con decided to make the move to Belize.

During his time in Belize, Con has worked as an owner’s representative in the redevelopment of an award winning Boutique Resort and Spa in the Cayo district, a founding member of a Real Estate Development Company and a founding Director of a Start-up Oil and Gas Exploration company.

Con retired as secretary of the American Chamber of Commerce in Belize and the Royal British Legion of Belize after many years of service due to the arrival of his daughter Nelia.

Con now lives with his family, wife Jenine and baby Nelia, in San Ignacio, Belize.

Con proudly comes from a long farming background in Ireland. His father, who was the first of the family to go to university and trained as a veterinary surgeon, continues to work and farm to this day.

Con has experience in the Hospitality, Real Estate, Energy and Business Consulting sectors in Belize and over recent years has become keenly interested in Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture Design, and now follows his passion as a certified Permaculture Designer and Agribusiness consultant.

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