Juan Darío Gutiérrez

Juan Darío Gutiérrez is the Foreign Investment and Business Law Director and partner in Gutiérrez Márquez Asesores, a legal, accounting, and financial advisory practice in Medellin, that specializes in providing personalized and client-oriented services in tax, contract, corporate, real estate, business, labor, foreign investment, and immigration law, as well as accounting processes, audits, and corporate finances.

In other words, Juan Darío is the legal resource you need to do whatever you’re imagining you might want to do in Medellin.

His firm, Gutiérrez Márquez Asesores, has more than three decades of experience helping foreigners and companies new to doing business in Colombia or looking to retire/relocate.

He and his staff speak fluent English and know how to solve problems. This is why we have chosen Juan Darío as our personal and corporate attorney in Medellin…and why we’d like to introduce him to you in Medellin in January.

Juan Darío, I have questions about living, retiring, or investing in Medellin, Colombia. Please get in touch