Philip M. Hahn

Phil Hahn always dreamed of the tropics while growing up in Michigan. He started his southerly migration in 1982 by attending Florida State University. As a student/athlete at FSU he studied Interior Design / Housing and was a Varsity Diver on the Swimming and Diving Team. Prior to graduation, he started a residential design business that ultimately designed over 6,000 homes and expanded into construction and development.

In 2003, Mr. Hahn saw the potential for development in Belize and purchased 115 acres for the development of a new Caribbean town. Combining his experience with coastal home design and his love of classical architecture, he planned, permitted and founded a thriving “New Urbanism” community

In 2010, Mr. Hahn was hired to plan and develop 98 acres on the Belize River in the Cayo District of Belize. Recognizing the mass desire for freedom and independence, which he shares with many expat Baby Boomers, Mr. Hahn envisioned and designed a place, Carmelita Gardens, where people can be “Independent Together”. Thanks to his vision and a dedicated team of Belizeans and expats, Carmelita Gardens is emerging as the prototype for a whole new development trend of self-sufficient traditional communities.

Since his arrival in Belize, Mr. Hahn has been an owner or consultant for several real estate related projects. He has been the founder of holding companies, planned and developed communities, designed and built homes and marketed and sold real estate. In addition to his planning and development business Mr. Hahn is Past President of the American Chamber of Commerce – Belize, Board Member of the Overseas Security Advisory Committee and a member of the Royal British Legion – Belize.

Mr. Hahn received a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and is certified by the Institute of Classical Architecture in New York.

Phil, I would like information on Carmelita Gardens. Please get in touch.