The Best Is Yet
To Come

No more round-the-clock surveillance of your bank account, worrying about your nest egg, or thinking you’ll never be able to retire...

Your “real life” -- you know, the one you were meant to have -- is out there.

And it’s a lot more affordable than you may think...costing as little as $723 per month
(to live right on the beach)...

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

You can have the retirement
you've dreamt of your whole life.
Don't give up on your dream.

When you think about your future, does it go something like:

“If I just live sensibly -- and maybe cut out a few things -- I should be able to scrape through my retirement years on what’s left of my nest egg...”


“All those dreams I had a decade ago – the house by the beach, more time for my hobbies, easy days hanging out with friends and family – all that was the stuff of pure fantasy. I’m never going to be able to retire...”

Or, maybe (when you wake in a sweat in the middle of the night), it’s more along the lines of:

“Aah! This is it. This is all my life is going to be. Now and forever. I just need to accept it…”

Sound familiar?

Then let’s start over...

For the next few minutes, forget about the bills.

Forget about the taxes. Forget about the rising costs of medical care and health insurance.

Forget the shrinking nest egg. Lost home equity.

Clear your mind of worry about the uncertain times that everybody in the United States is facing today.

Instead, think back to your dreams…remember the ideas you used to have about how you hoped your retirement would play out…and allow yourself to imagine the possibilities.

Now what does your future look like?

Swaying in a hammock outside your island home, right on the beach, in a place where the sun is almost always shining and you can swim in the ocean year-round. You start your morning with a breakfast of tropical fruit and wind it down at a beachside bar, sipping a cocktail and feasting on the tasty fresh catch of the day...

That’s how Veronica Clayton spends her days on the island home she’s chosen…a place where you could enjoy this lifestyle on as little as $570 a month -- apartment rental included.

Or maybe your retirement fantasies take you somewhere with a little more buzz. Maybe a colonial city where, just walking the old cobblestoned streets, you sense that life is good in this place…the living sweet, simple. People hold hands, laugh, and have a lot more time for each other…and there’s always something cultural happening around town...

That’s what keeps Rex Scofield and Rita Weatherholt coming back to the charming colonial town they’ve made their part-time retirement home. They travel here from Tucson, Arizona, to spend several months each year.

When you set your worries aside,
what does your future look like?
Hold on to that vision.

Or perhaps you dream of a life en plein a place that mixes the best of countryside and coastal living. A place where you’re spoiled for choice, with wonderful beaches, excellent restaurants, and stunning walks all virtually on your doorstep. The atmosphere is laid-back, and the people are warm and friendly. And with so much land around you, you could really exercise those green fingers...even keep some animals if you’d like…get back to basics...

In the beautiful, welcoming, affordable region that Cathy King and her husband have chosen, Cathy is able to keep goats on their expansive property while her husband feeds his passion for surf on the waves nearby.

If this sounds more like the kind of future you’re after, then let me share a little story with you...about the best birthday gift I ever got…

The Best Birthday Present I Ever Got

“Does it ever bother you that your life is over?”

My daughter, Kaitlin, threw this question at me -- completely out of the blue -- on the eve of my 40th birthday.

"What are you talking about?" I replied.

"Well, you know, you're married. You have two kids. You've had the same job forever. Your life is what it's going to be. Everything for you is figured out. And now you're 40-years-old. What more could there be?" Kaitlin concluded.

A 14-year-old’s take on turning 40. Kaitlin’s question stopped me in my tracks, becuase I could see where she was coming from...

I'd found and married the man I intended to spend the rest of my life with. I had two children. At that time, I'd been working at the same publishing company since before Kaitlin was born.

And now that I was hitting this milestone birthday, from her 14-year-old view of the world, how could there possibly be anything more for me? My life was over…wasn’t it?

At one time, I might have nodded quietly in agreement.

Had she sprung this question on me a decade earlier, back when I was still living in my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, when Kaitlin was small and she and I were living alone, me freshly separated from her dad, working overtime as a junior editor, running out the door each afternoon to get to Kaitlin's daycare before closing time, then, yes, I certainly had days when I might have agreed that my life seemed over.

But, on this particular spring day, the world was a different place entirely.

Here I was strolling along the seaside with my family. We were on a weekend break in Galway City to celebrate my birthday.

Wandering along this stretch of the west coast of Ireland (a few hours from our home, at that time, in Waterford City), with the sun shining over the Atlantic on one side and the city’s cobblestoned square to the other, my life felt far from over.

In fact, I felt years younger than back in the days when I was constantly rushing around Baltimore, always late, always stretched, always stressed.

Stuck in a life that seemed beyond my control.

However, at this point, years later, life was just getting interesting. Not only for me, but for all of us...

Hold On To That Dream--
Your Life Is Far From Over

Kaitlin and I haven’t had any such end-of-the-road chats since. But I’m reminded of that conversation often. Especially in these tough times.

Because, right now, there are plenty of things that can...well...make you feel stuck.

Like the hard work of keeping up with your bills...

Or worrying about the economy and how things will be in the future...the future of the U.S. dollar…the future of Social Security…the future of health care…the future of your personal retirement nest egg…

In the face of all these worries, it’s easy to understand that you might be wondering whether you’ll ever be able to stop working and start living…whether you’ll ever be able to start enjoying the life you really were meant to have...

All of these worries can make you feel trapped in a life that wasn’t exactly meant to be.

I believe you’re reading this now, though, because you haven’t given up hope. You still believe it’s possible to have the retirement you’ve dreamt of your whole life. At least…you want to believe that...

I’m here now to tell you that you can. You can believe.

Whatever your picture of the ideal retirement—the hammock…the charming, historic town…the wide-open countryside…the lapping waves…the long, empty beach at sunrise—it can still become your reality.

Hold on to that picture…that dream. Do not let go of it.

Because that little light is your ticket to the lifestyle you were meant to be living. It’s the life you can, in fact, still have if you really want it.

In dozens of places around the
world, it is possible to retire for
less than it's costing you to stay
in your own home in the States.
Maybe a lot less.

Because, in dozens of places around the world (that I’ll tell you more about in a moment), you could retire now for less than it’s costing you to stay in your own home in the States. Maybe a lot less.

And, in addition to a maybe greatly reduced cost of living, I guarantee you something else, too.

I promise you that, in the new life you can make for yourself in the places I’m thinking of, you’ll enjoy more freedom...a chance to start over...and an opportunity finally to focus on the things that really matter to you.

I'm Not Speaking Only Of A Cheaper Life.
I'm Speaking Of A Better Life

I’m not speaking only of a cheaper life. I’m speaking of a better life.

I did it, starting in Waterford, Ireland, some 15 years ago. (And, again, later, in Paris, France, and Panama City, Panama.)

All those folks I mentioned earlier did it, too – Veronica…Rex…Rita…Cathy King and her husband...

They…we…all made whole new starts…overseas. And there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same thing.

Even better, there’s a way you can get started on your journey, right now, without even booking a plane ticket...

You see, once you allow yourself to consider this whole “retire overseas” idea, you quickly realize that the possibilities for your new adventure are endless.

That’s what’s so exciting...and, I understand, so paralyzing at the same time.

How can you narrow your options to a handful of the best choices for you?

Verdant and cool, the highlands
of this retirement haven have
become a hub for foreign retirees
looking to reinvent their lives...
for the better.

Granted you’ll want to strike obvious war zones, deserts, and ice caps off your list right away, but that leaves you with well over 100 countries to choose from – and diverse, appealing options within each one of them.

Without spending months on the ground, how can you get a realistic idea of what it would be like to live in the most appealing of these places as a retiree or an expat? What would your life in any one of the world’s beautiful, friendly, welcoming, and safe Shangri-las really look like?

And what would it cost? Could you afford it on your budget?

It was with these two driving questions in mind that I created the Overseas Retirement Letter...

How You Can Retire on US$723 per Month... Or Even Less

In one community that I like, the cost of living can be incredibly low. Though full of your typical modern trappings, here you'll indulge in long walks among the many historic sights and well-tended gardens with bright, tropical flowers.

Here you can eat out at fine restaurants, enjoy trips to museums, and take part in plenty of festivals and celebrations.

The expat population here is large, and ever-growing. The population is fully welcoming to foreigners, so much so that this place is known as the "Land of Smiles." What’s more, this is one of the very few areas in this part of the world that offers easy options for long-term and retirement visas.

We know a single man, an American, who lives on only US$200 a month, with half of that going for rent. He gets around on a bicycle and eats at local food stalls. He makes a sport out of spending as little as possible. We know an American woman who bought an apartment in a small town on the outskirts of the city. She manages on US$600 a month Social Security with ease. But those are special cases, examples of people going "fully local." I assume that you’ll not want to part with some of the luxuries of a Western lifestyle, and have taken that into consideration in the budget below.

Assuming you'll own your own home and won't have a monthly rent payment, US$723 should cover your monthly expenses. Here's how:

Rent $0  
HOA $75  
Property Taxes $0  
Transportation $100 Local buses cost $.66 per person, taxis average $2.50 per ride.
Gas $0  
Electricity $50  
Telephone $15 Note that long distance calls can be made for free through services such as Skype
Internet $25  
Household help, part time $50 Once or twice a week
Food $123 An entire monthly grocery budget is included in your free reports
Entertainment $250 Includes meals at modern restaurants
Homeowner's Insurance $35 Varies depending on value
TOTAL $723  

What if you'd rent? This varies greatly, but US$450 a month will get you a modern, fully-furnished two-story house with 2-3 bedrooms, complete with a full lawn and access to a community pool.

But you could LIVE FOR LESS! We know a retired American couple who rent a house in the countryside 12 kilometers from town, and pay only US$135 for a small home and garden. You could also rent a "local"-style house for about $100 per month. This would keep your cost-of-living, including housing, to well under US$1,000 a month.

My goal with the Overseas Retirement Letter is to introduce you to the world’s top overseas retirement havens and to give you the low-down on what it’s really like to live in each one of them...all based on the firsthand experience and on-the-ground research of the constantly-on-the-move network of correspondents, friends, expats, and experts I’ve developed over almost 30 years of covering this beat.

My Overseas Retirement Letter is a one-of-a-kind resource that allows you to get up close and personal with a place from your you can decide whether it meets all your criteria and is, in fact, somewhere you might like to enjoy this next phase of your life.

The Retirement Your Retirement
Could Look Like

How do we decide what makes a place worthy of Overseas Retirement Letter selection?

It's not too late to live your
dreams. Living in this
Pacific coast haven is like having
another chance...

It’s not an easy process. I reject many destination proposals.

Not that you couldn’t be happy in those places...but they just weren’t special enough. To me, they didn’t tick the right boxes, didn’t provide all the things that a retiree, on a budget, seeking something different...something wonderful...would want.

The reporting we do in each issue of the Overseas Retirement Letter isn’t reporting at all. And it’s nothing to do with watercolor, rose-colored travel writing about passing through a place on a two-week research trip.

"I look forward to reading"

"Keep up the great work...I honestly look forward to reading the succinct info you provide to potential expats..."

-- Dan G., United States

The Overseas Retirement Letter is about personal, firsthand, real-time accounts of expat life in the world’s most appealing destinations. Contributors to the Overseas Retirement Letter are not just “writers.” Many are retirees themselves -- or would-be retirees -- trying to find the places they would like to hang their own hats long-term. Many, in fact, are already long-time residents of the destinations they cover. These folks know their adopted hometowns, beaches, and mountainside retreats as residents, not as tourists or travel writers.

These folks don’t do museums. They go where the locals go. Eat what the locals eat. Shop where the local shops. They’ll take a short- or long-term rental over a hotel bed any day.

Retire in style and employ a maid,
a gardener, or even a driver…
all on a Social Security budget...

Those contributing to the Overseas Retirement Letter are folks who make local connections. Local friends. They penetrate the surface of a place to get to the heart of what it would be like to call that place home.

Then they feed all their insights, discoveries, recommendations, and hard-won wisdom and words of advice to Overseas Retirement Letter subscribers. When any of the places our Overseas Retirement Letter team introduces ticks all your boxes, you have the contacts, the data, the serious how-to you need to launch your own adventure there.

In your monthly Overseas Retirement Letter, you’ll read about places where you could enjoy an exceptional quality of life, often on a budget less than your monthly Social Security check. Places like...

  • A colonial town in Ecuador with real estate prices unheard-of in a city boasting such a rich quality of life. Plus, in this special place, there’s a thriving expat community to welcome you. You could join them, living the good life, even if your retirement budget is as little as US$800 a month. When you can find a nice two-bedroom apartment for less than US$50,000, it’s a no-brainer…
  • The Asian city that welcomes foreign retirees with open arms, a tempting place where you could retire on as little as US$723 per month. Here, you instantly slow down…take your time…take time to know your neighbors and enjoy the interesting world around you. By your second or third visit, shop owners remember your name and wave as you walk by. You’re invited to dinner…or to share a cup of the delicious local tea. It’s easy to make friends. English is widely spoken...and spoken well...
  • A stretch of South America that’s modern, clean, and elegant with miles of brilliant, white-sand beaches studded with colorful umbrellas and bordered by tall, swaying palms. Here, the warm, turquoise waters gently lap the shores as beach-goers from all over the world enjoy the sun and the sand. What’s better, you can buy a large, three-bedroom apartment here for less than US$75,000…and live in it for less than US$1,400 per month…

These are the kinds of places that Overseas Retirement Letter subscribers are put on to regularly...places full of adventure and discovery…places that you might have thought existed only in your imagination…places like...

  • The westernmost region of Croatia, where you’ll feel you’re stepping into a film set. Spending time here, you soon understand why the ancient Romans called this Terra Magica…the Magic Land. In Tuscany or the hills above the French and Italian Rivieras, it’s almost impossible to find a cottage you could move into for less than US$200,000. But, here, in this region every bit as beautiful and romantic as Tuscany, in a medieval village renowned for its film festival, you can (you could perhaps even afford your own vineyard)…
  • The district of Belize that’s evolved from a backpacker’s destination to the home of some of the world’s most luxurious rain forest resorts. (Francis Ford Coppola’s Blancaneaux Lodge is nestled alongside cascading waterfalls. At what was once his writer’s retreat, you can be pampered in thatched-roof cabanas.) This region boasts the biggest underground cave system in the Western Hemisphere, and the landscape is dominated by rivers and mountains, all just begging to be explored…
  • Chiang Mai, the largest city in northern Thailand, is a great base for trips to the nearby mountains, caves, elephant sanctuaries, indigenous communities, hot springs, waterfalls, and trekking opportunities. But that’s the tourist take. The Overseas Retirement Letter take? This city is also one of the world’s top medical tourism destinations, offering almost unbelievably affordable health care. A hip replacement, for example, that would cost around US$70,000 in the United States, costs one-seventh as much here.)…
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Whatever Your Dream,
There's An Affordable Option

Again, I urge you. Do not give up on your dreams. You shouldn’t have to compromise. And you don’t.

In this stunning, historic
Mediterranean paradise, you could renovate a centuries-old stone
farmhouse into the retirement
getaway of your dreams.
A tempting idea…
when you could pick one up for as
little as US$50,000…

Is it Italy that gets your blood flowing? Don’t dismiss it as out of reach…because there’s a lot more to Italy than over-priced Tuscany.

How about a quieter corner with golden beaches and lush mountain valleys...where village houses are on the market for as little as 28,000 euro. Life here hasn’t changed much over the centuries. Landing here, it’s like wandering into a gentler, kinder yesterday...a yesterday with little or no crime…and neighbors who watch out for each other.

That’s the kind of place you’ll read about each month in your Overseas Retirement Letter issue.

Likewise, Buenos Aires…one of my favorite cities in the world. That said, apartment prices in B.A. proper are no longer affordable, and the cost of living in this city continues upward.

"The best time
we've ever had in our lives"

"We're having the best time we've ever had in our lives. Bill and I are thrilled with our purchase of oceanfront...Gosh, what a place...people who are immediate friends, ever-present adventure, beauty around every turn, and a feeling of being in a place few are privileged to find."

-- Judy and Bill Ahern, Retired Overseas

Three years ago, though, I was delighted to discover another South American city (which I told Overseas Retirement Letter readers all about) that feels like a miniature version of Buenos Aires. This city is more walkable than B.A., easier to navigate, and cleaner. Otherwise, the neighborhoods, the parks, the downtown shopping areas, the restaurants, the antique shops, the arts, and the literary history...these things all remind me of that very European city way down at the bottom of this continent. But the biggest advantage to my “little Buenos Aires” is that current real estate prices qualify as a screaming bargain.

Normally, though, nobody talks about this place.

But it’s well-known among Overseas Retirement Letter subscribers. And it’s just one of the many irresistible and irresistibly affordable locales that my readers are introduced to each month.

Top Retirement Havens
You'll Discover This Year

Where else are Overseas Retirement Letter subscribers discovering this year? Here’s a sneak preview of other current feature destinations...

  • The Ecuadorian city that Latin American Correspondent Lee Harrison (himself a resident for four years) maintains is the top retirement haven in the world. This charming city with near-perfect weather has recently come to the forefront in another important area for the potential retiree: health care. You can get excellent preventative care at a reasonable cost, inexpensive hospital care, and even quality low-cost nursing care...
  • Malaysia’s fourth-largest city where you could buy a 2,700-square-foot, five-bedroom house for about US$73,000...or rent it for US$255 per month. Populated by a Chinese-Malaysian majority, this is a friendly place with exceptionally good food and a small, close-knit expat community…
  • The most beautiful lake in the world (according to Aldous Huxley). The volcanoes rimming the lake rise into the horizon, and every sunset is drop-dead gorgeous, with birds flying across the fuchsia sky. Here you could find a good one- or two-bedroom house to rent for US$300 to US$500 a month…
  • A safe, friendly, charming colonial town on Panama’s “Gold Coast” that boasts a laid-back lifestyle at a bargain-basement cost. In this coastal town of cowboys and fishermen, you could live on a budget of as little as US$1,200 per month. A perfect haven for those wanting to escape the big city and get back to a simpler way of life, spending your days fishing and swimming…
  • The Vietnamese town that comes with minimal culture shock for North American expats. Though not the cheapest option in Asia, it’s almost unbelievably affordable, and you can enjoy the comforts of home, including world-class golf courses, shopping outlets, and gated communities…
  • The town in Malaysian Borneo that’s near to national parks and many remote beaches along the South China Sea. English is widely spoken. And expats looking to qualify for the “Malaysia My Second Home” program only have to spend around US$112,000 on a home here to qualify…

“Going to Medellin for a month and Cuenca for a month…And it's all your fault, so thanks!!”

--Larry, R., United States

How Much Will Retirement Cost You?

Now that we’ve addressed the fun and sexy question of where you might think about going overseas, there’s another one – not quite as fun but of equal importance -- that needs your focus.

Without the right preparation here, your whole plan could fall apart.

I’m talking about retirement planning. Something we all have to do, no matter where in the world we plan to retire. If you’re moving overseas, though, you’ll have some special considerations, too.

At the Overseas Retirement Letter, we have just the retirement planning expert to help.

"No matter how busy I am, I find time
for your newsletter"

"In a horribly busy world and corporate pressures I find that your newsletter is most informative and a wealth of very interesting and thought provoking information of which I hope to make use of in the near future. No matter how busy I am I find the time to make sure to read your newsletter...keep up the great work!"

-- John M., United States (for now!)

Paul Terhorst -- who contributes a monthly column dedicated to helping you understand both the challenges and the solutions, sometimes very creative, associated with figuring a financial plan to support your retire overseas dreams – retired overseas himself, with his wife, at the tender age of 35 (some 29 years ago). Paul, called the “George Washington of cashing out early” by SmartMoney magazine, has never returned to work, and he’s never looked back. He and his wife Vicki have enjoyed a grand and ongoing adventure, launched with a modest nest egg that has ridden out many economic phases and cycles, ups and downs and that, critically, supports them comfortably still.

Paul shares his retirement planning experience, insights, and recommendations each month, in the context of the current economic climate, both in the United States and globally. I had a tough time, when we launched the Overseas Retirement Letter, getting Paul to come on board. Paul is enjoying a life of his (or anyone’s!) dreams. When I first asked if he’d become a regular contributor to the Overseas Retirement Letter, he wasn’t keen on acquiring a monthly deadline. Finally, though, he agreed…and now he brings something very special and unique to the table in each issue of the Overseas Retirement Letter. Paul’s insights and wisdom would be impossible to find anywhere else. Each month, in the Overseas Retirement Letter, Paul addresses critical retirement-planning questions, including…

  • When is the best time to start taking Social Security? (That is, should you take a discounted payment beginning at age 62…or wait until age 66 or beyond for a higher monthly payout?)...
  • How to come to grips with currency exchange risk (and what it means for you as a retiree overseas)...
  • Easy ways to diversify your portfolio (following Paul’s simplest program, you’d need make only two investments)...
  • Whether you should keep or sell your Stateside home once you’ve settled overseas...
  • How much your credit cards can cost you overseas (and why you might want to leave them at the border)...

Paul’s retirement planning advice is simple, actionable, and effective. Follow just some of his recommendations over the course of a year, and you could stand fully ready to realize your retire overseas dreams with confidence.

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Your Retire Overseas Dream Team

Before I go much further, allow me to take a minute now to introduce you to the Overseas Retirement Letter team...

  • Taking the lead is Managing Editor Lucy Culpepper.

    Lucy has traveled to, written about, and worked in some 30 countries. Originally from Wales in the United Kingdom, Lucy has lived all over the UK, in southern California, Spain, and France and has spent extended time in Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica.

    Previous careers saw her working as a tropical rainforest guide in Peru, an ethno-botanist in Ecuador, catalog production manager for a major U.K.-based travel clothing company, and as the Managing Editor of a triathlon magazine in southern California. Lucy recently spent seven months exploring Mexico and Central America with her husband and two children before deciding to return to Europe. Lucy has now settled into the life of professional freelance editor and writer.

    During the family's travels, Lucy worked online and home-educated her children, proving it is possible to travel and find a new “home” country, with children in tow, while continuing to work and maintain her sanity (just!).

  • Contributing to each issue is our Retirement Planning Expert Paul Terhorst.

    SmartMoney magazine has called Paul Terhorst and his wife Vicki the "George and Martha Washington of cashing out early." Paul and Vicki retired in Argentina in 1984 at the very early retirement age of 35.

    In 1988, Bantam Books (now Bantam Doubleday Dell) published their book, "Cashing In on the American Dream: How to Retire at 35," now a classic.

    In 1992, Paul and Vicki became perpetual travelers, PTs (though, in 2005, they built a small house in rural Argentina to use in summer).

    Paul shares decades of retirement planning wisdom in his monthly columns in each issue of the Overseas Retirement Letter.

  • Finally, there’s me. My name is Kathleen Peddicord, and I’m the publisher of the Overseas Retirement Letter.

    I have been covering the live and invest overseas beat for almost 30 years, and I think it’s fair to say that I’m considered the world's foremost authority on overseas retirement. I have traveled to more than 50 countries, invested in real estate in 21, established businesses in 7, renovated historic properties in 6, and educated my children in 4.

    I have moved children, staff, enterprises, household goods, and pets across three continents, from the East Coast of the United States to Waterford, Ireland...then to Paris, France...and, most recently, to Panama City, where I make my home today, with my husband Lief Simon and our young son.

    I write a weekly retire-overseas blog for U.S. News & World Reports and am quoted regularly by The New York Times, Money magazine, the AARP, and beyond. I have written innumerable books (including the latest one for Wiley & Sons released last year), reports, and essays on where and how you can escape the retirement-tromping economy at home and live better even on a modest budget...invest for profit overseas ahead of the crowd...and secure your dream retirement in the world's most appealing destinations.

"Wonderful and Informative"

"Wow, what a well written overview on Hanoi by Wendy Justice. I've read all of your Overseas Retirement Letters, I find them informative and written well enough to keep me interested in reading the next letter.

“However, Wendy's letter on Hanoi hit it out of the park! It was well laid out, hit all the information, and was a very compelling read. Please thank Wendy and your editorial staff for a wonderful and informative edition of your always enjoyable retirement letter."

-- Ron W., United States

Now that you have some idea who we are, let me give you some better idea of what, exactly, you will find in your Overseas Retirement Letter issue, month to month…

First and foremost each month is a new featured retirement haven. Much of each issue is dedicated to highlighting a new expat haven.

The advantage of being an online publication is that we are not tied to a specific number of pages, as you would be with a printed newsletter or magazine. Each issue is as long as it needs to be to give you all the information you need. And each feature article is a full destination report that introduces you completely and comprehensively to one of the world’s currently most appealing retirement havens…

  • The sights, the sounds, and the smells of the place…a picture of what your life here could be like...
  • A brief history of the area...
  • A round-up of the current property market (with current property listings)…what your new home could look like…and what it might cost...
  • Overall cost of living overview (with sample monthly budgets for key regions of interest within the country)...
  • An overview of the standard of medical care available…in key places around the world, the medical care can be as good or even better than you’re accustomed to back home…for a fraction the cost...
  • Details on top health insurance options…
  • Residency information…how to obtain a visa…how to choose which option makes most sense for you...
  • Culture and to make new friends…how to make a success of a business venture…
  • Food, markets, and shopping...
  • The pitfalls (remember, there’s always something!)...
  • Expat interviews so you can hear from others just like you who have already launched successful new lives here...
  • Practical details to do with things like opening a local bank account, arranging for utilities, getting a local cell phone…
  • Caveats to do with the local property market…things you must know, whether you’re planning to rent or to buy…
  • On-the-ground contacts to help you launch your own adventure whenever you’re ready...

Note from the publisher. Each month, I contribute something timely on the topic of retiring overseas in general. If I’ve spent time at the featured destination, I also share personal insights to help you consider what this potential paradise has to offer...and whether it might be your retire overseas Shangri-la.

"Sophisticated and Thoughtful...and Therefore More Useful"

"I have to say that you seem to dig deeper into the feel of a particular place and to do comparative analysis between alternative places. Your approach is more sophisticated and thoughtful and therefore more useful than that of other e-letters I've read covering these same subjects."

-- John W., United States

Retirement planning with Paul Terhorst. This is where things get more serious…where the rubber meets the road, as it were. This is where Paul helps you to crunch some numbers and focus on the practical side of how you can afford your retirement overseas. Paul, our ORL retirement planning guru, provides you with important food for well as actions you can take to organize your finances in the most advantageous way possible as you prepare to launch the adventure of your lifetime.

Hot properties. Each month, Managing Editor Lucy Culpepper brings you details of some of the most appealing lifestyle property options available around the world. All to give you a taste of what your new home overseas could look like...

A turn-key condo on a golf course...

A mountainside villa with four-season appeal…skiing in winter, watersports in summer…

A custom-built home among the vines (available for as little as US$118,000 in one of the world’s most sought-after wine-producing regions)...

An apartment that could be used as a B&B or a guesthouse…generating additional retirement income for you when you’re not in residence yourself...

A furnished pied-à-terre…for as little as US$50,000...

Global news. The most current developments of interest to would-be retirees and expats around the globe to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in the world’s top retirement havens well as important changes affecting expats around the globe. We’re not journalists, but, sometimes, the local news is important in this context. For example, you want to know about…

  • Falling house prices...and rebounding markets...
  • The best flight deals to Europe, Asia, and Central and South America...
  • New taxes and tax hikes affecting expats...
  • Opportunities for foreign buyers looking for upside and rental yields...
  • Important changes in residency and visa applications in key jurisdictions...
  • Fun, festivals, and events worth checking out...

Now...down to business...

The Overseas Retirement Letter is a one-of-a-kind resource, unlike any other retire-overseas resource available anywhere. This is focused, concentrated support for anyone considering the idea of restarting his (or her!) life in a new country…in retirement or, even, if you’re not quite retiree material yet. (Remember, our Retirement Planning Guru Paul Terhorst “retired” overseas at the age of 35!)

If you’re considering your options…thinking through your plan…both for where and, as well, critically, for how…then this is the resource you need.

How much does a subscription to the Overseas Retirement Letter cost?

Given the depth and breadth of the information and intelligence shared in each issue, frankly, the cost is a steal.

The "Babe Ruth" of Overseas Living

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"I read each one and always pick up some interesting and timely piece of inside knowledge."

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SPECIAL REPORTS #1, #2, #3, #4, AND #5: Five fully detailed Country Retirement Reports on the five most affordable places in the world to live well in retirement right now (retail price: $49.75). All five reports are yours free immediately.

SPECIAL REPORT #6: Join the Retirement Revolution: 101 Tips for Retiring Happy and Living Well Overseas (retail price: $29). Also yours free today. This special report is packed full of tips to help prepare you for life in a new country. You’ll read about things like...

  • Your U.S. health insurance isn't likely to serve you overseas. But I'll give you seven reliable recommendations for international health insurance that can cost one-half or one-quarter as much as your current health coverage…
  • Eleven thought-provoking guidelines to consider when you're choosing a new home...from your "gut feeling" the questions you need to ask about your visa and residency options...
  • Three reliable resources for finding helpful expats living in the places you're considering...folks who've said they're willing to answer your questions and to share their own experiences and advice…
  • What to do about insurance while you travel...and why you need to make sure you do it...before you leave home. Forget this and you could pay dearly down the road…
  • The best (and, of course, legal) options and opportunities for reducing your tax burden in your new home overseas...
  • A critical question to ask before you become a renter...neglect this and you cold find yourself with a big bill you hadn't counted on…
  • Two "live overseas" costs many people neglect to calculate. Save yourself the surprise invoice...and find out what they are now...
  • No matter where in the world you settle, this one $21.60 expenditure could save you not only hundreds of dollars when you're on the ground...but days (if not weeks) of bureaucratic hassle…
  • How to organize your belongings for a move. You'll be amazed by how the right pre-planning can make the difference between having everything you want with you upon arrival…easy, turn-key, painlessly…and struggling through an international shipping nightmare...
  • A critical "box to check" before you enroll your child in a school overseas. Take this precaution, and your kids will be thanking you all the way to college!...
  • When it comes to buying real estate overseas, knowing this one simple key to having more bargaining power than the seller does... guaranteeing that you'll have the upper hand...
  • Plus 89 more tips to prepare you for your move...

Don’t worry if half of the above considerations hadn’t yet entered your mind. The tips in this special report are garnered from decades of living, renting, buying, doing business, and settling into a whole new way of life overseas experience.

Lief and I learned the hard way. And, now, we’re delighted to be able to share our hard-won wisdom and insider tips -- along with the wise words, recommendations, and discoveries of our friends and contacts around the world -- to help save you time, money, and frustration as you transition to your own new life overseas.

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SPECIAL REPORTS #1, #2, #3, #4, AND #5: Fully detailed Country Retirement Reports on five cheapest places in the world to live well in retirement right now (retail price: $49.75). All five reports are yours free today.

SPECIAL REPORT # 6: Join the Retirement Revolution: 101 Tips for Retiring Happy and Living Well Overseas (retail price: $29). Yours free today.


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The truth of the matter is that unless you're sponsored by and have a formal guarantee of employment from a local firm, you aren't going to "get a job" in a country where you don't hold a passport.

"You Open The World For Us"

“Kathleen, as a long-time reader of your newsletter, I want to congratulate you for the talent and the quality of your work. You open the world for us. Reading you it's like we travel together, but with more insightful information than the usual traveler is privy to.”

--Mihaela D., Romania

But that doesn't mean you can't earn an income...and fund a lifestyle you'd only dare dream about at home. In this Special Report I'll show you...

How to get paid to see the world...and turn an interest in meeting new people and exploring new places into paid-for travel all over the planet. You can easily cash in on your experiences in your new home overseas... and get paid to tell people about what you've discovered. (Just like I have for the last two decades...)

Seven easy steps for turning snapshots of everything from your kids to a kitchen tablecloth into fast, fun, easy cash. With a digital camera (even a point-and-shoot will do), you can do this from anywhere in the world...

A handful of countries, intent on both attracting tourists and encouraging small-businesses, offer amazing incentives for entrepreneurial folks willing to cater to visitors. I'll show you one easy way to cash in on giveaways like no income tax for ten years...or no real estate tax for 20. And don't worry: I'm not suggesting you open a dive shop or build a spa. This is something you can do right from home.

And more easy, no-experience-necessary secrets to funding your dream life overseas...

If you take away only one thing from this special presentation, please, let it be this:

You do not have to give up on your dream retirement. You can have the retirement lifestyle you’ve been counting on your whole life. You don’t need to compromise at this important stage.

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My Overseas Retirement Letter is your stepping stone. Your leverage. All the help and support you need to go from worrying and losing sleep over the size of your nest egg and your retirement future…to realizing the retirement life you were really meant to have.

Open your mind to these possibilities, and the worries disappear…replaced by miles and miles of opportunity.

Please, let me show you.

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Guarantee No. 2: I'll bring to you a splendid array of options all around the world. Beachfront mountain hideaways... charming European enclaves...laid-back Latin American havens...vineyard sanctuaries...and more. But if you don't feel the Overseas Retirement Letter delivers the kind of make-your-nest-egg-last-forever opportunities you're looking for, you can cancel at any time...and I'll promptly reimburse you for any issues remaining in your subscription. No questions asked.

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