Vicenzo Villamna

Taxman™ was founded by Vincenzo Villamena and specializes in International Accounting & Tax Services for expats who want straightforward and transparent solutions. Vincenzo and his team will help you navigate the confusing world of expat taxes, ensuring you IRS compliance and maximized returns. Vincenzo started doing expat accounting and tax services in 2005 to help out a few close expat friends. Nine years later, he has over 700 satisfied clients around the world. Vincenzo and his Taxman™ services have become the go-to source for international tax support. Vincenzo has both a Masters of Accounting and Bachelors of Business Administration with distinction from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M Ross School of Business.

Taxman™ specializes in the following

  • Expat Taxes
  • International Business Taxes
  • Corporate Expats
  • Military Contractors
  • Retiree Taxes
  • CPA
  • Financial Projections
  • International Tax Evaluations
  • Financial Reporting
  • FBAR
  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting
  • US Expat Taxes
  • Online Taxes

If you want to gain clarity on your international tax circumstances, ensuring IRS Compliance and saving you time and money, Taxman™ is your source to do so.

Let Vincenzo and his team handle your taxes so you can focus on your business and living your life.

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