Live Like a Celebrity on
Your Own Vineyard...

Enjoy a Dream Life Among the Vines...
Make, Drink, Even Market
Your Own Private Label Wines...
Savor the Romance of the
Wine-Lover's Life...

Sound Like a Pipe Dream?

Read on to Learn About an Extraordinary Opportunity to Own Your Own Vineyard for Much Less Than the Cost of an Ordinary Second Home 

You Could Finance Your Investment
With Pre-tax Funds...Follow the Smart Money
Into Real, Productive Assets...
All While Experiencing Romantic Wine
Country Living...

Without Any of the Hard Work!

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

It's a dream that has inspired big-name actors, athletes, and successful businessmen: A valley vineyard all your own, where mountains define the horizon and the sun shines 350 days a year. A place where you can retreat as often as you like, stay as long as you want, relax with friends in your custom-built home overlooking the vines, even stock your cellar with your own vintages, produced and bottled under your own label.

Velvety cabernet, a dry, full-bodied Malbec, crisp chenin blanc, buttery chardonnay with just the right touch of oak...wines made to your taste and specifications.

For the world's wealthy and jet-set, the romance and the adventure of the wine-lover's life can be more than a fantasy. These things can be attainable. The rich and famous can buy a vineyard, build a hacienda, and settle into the sweet life among the vines...

Not that they get their hands dirty, of course. They hire a crew of laborers to do the heavy lifting and an experienced vineyard manager to supervise. They rely on an agronomist to advise on the choice of vines and their cultivation and a winemaker well-versed in the art of winemaking to craft the juice of those grapes into special blends... maybe even in their own winery, producing vintages bottled and sold under their private labels.

What a life. The beauty and romance, without the work or worry. All it takes is money.

That's exactly why the dream is so desirable...and seems so out of reach. A vineyard of your own? That's something for the glamour set, right? An investment that requires millions of dollars.

Normally, that's true.

But I'm writing today to tell you about an opportunity to become a vineyard owner in one of the most appealing, most romantic, and, critically, most under-valued wine regions in the world.

The international wine-drinking market is just discovering the excellent vintages being produced here at very reasonable prices. This is the sixth-largest wine-producing nation on Earth, yet only in the last decade has word begun to get out about the quality of its vintages, and only recently have these wines begun finding their way to the global marketplace.

In fact, while wine exportation from other countries continued to drop in 2010 and 2011, exports from this country to the U.S. alone rose by 40%.

Taste + Value = A Recession-Proof Combination
If you know about wine, you've probably guessed that I'm talking about Argentina, specifically this country's Mendoza region. The Wine Spectator has called this region the "sleeping giant" of the wine world. Its wines, especially the country's signature Malbec varietal, are just beginning to find their market, and their fans.

Last year, in the United States, consumers drank more wine than in any other country in the world, including, for the first time in history, France.

And, more and more, the wine Americans are drinking is coming from Argentina. Argentina wine imports to the U.S. have increased more than 40% over the past three years. Specifically, its full-bodied, smooth, and reasonably priced Malbecs are making Argentina famous among wine connoisseurs of every budget, in the U.S. and beyond.

"In spite of the financial crisis, wine consumption in the United States registered its 16th consecutive annual gain last year."

Earlier this year, Wine Spectator reported, "In spite of the financial crisis, wine consumption in the United States registered its 16th consecutive annual gain last year."

The biggest export market for Argentina's wines continues to grow, even during recession. And other markets?

Canadian wine critic Beppi Crosariol recently wrote in the Toronto Globe, "In Canada, Argentina's No. 2 wine-export market, bottled wine exports skyrocketed 66.1% so far this calendar year compared with the same period last year. Much of that was Malbec."

But what about after the recession, Crosariol wonders aloud to his readers. Will Malbec's popularity continue to grow, when consumers again value quality above price?
Wine critic Robert Parker Jr. says yes. While consumers may have discovered Malbec in their search for high-quality wine at a good price, Parker writes:
Malbec will make it big. By the year 2015, the greatness of Argentinean wines made from the Malbec grape will be understood as a given.

"This French varietal has reached startling heights of quality in Argentina. Both inexpensive, delicious Malbecs and majestic, profoundly complex ones from high elevation vineyards are already being produced, and by 2015 this long-ignored grape's place in the pantheon of noble wines will be guaranteed.
If you've ever day-dreamed about a vineyard of your own, frankly, Argentina is the place.

And now is the time.
In a Down Cycle, Smart Money
Seeks Hard Assets
The smartest global real estate investor I know -- my husband, Lief Simon -- tells his clients that, when the world economy is in a down cycle, smart investors move into hard assets. Real estate, specifically, productive real estate that produces reliable, ongoing income that can cover its costs and maybe even put something in your pocket, is the most recession-proof kind of investment you can make.

In fact, with the right investment, income from your productive real asset could actually increase during a recession. During hard economic times, consumers choose products that offer good value for the price. This is part of the reason Argentine wines are enjoying such a surge in global popularity right now (the other part of the reason, of course, is that they're great wines!). Why spend three or four times more for a bottle of California wine, today's consumer can't help but ask himself, when I've got all these great and far more affordable choices from down Argentina way?

It's a win-win situation. The consumer wins because he gets a great wine at a great price. And the Argentina vintner wins because his product is side-stepping the global market downtown.

San Rafael in Mendoza Province is a beautiful, charming city and a growing tourist market.
But perhaps the best part about this kind of investment is that it's one you make not only for profit, but also for fun. I think of it as "pleasure investing." At this point in my life, I want to be investing for the long term, certainly...but I also want to be enjoying myself. I want to be able to take pleasure from how I spend my time and what I do with my money.

And what could be more pleasant than a vineyard investment in beautiful San Rafael, in Argentina's Mendoza Province? This is a growing tourism market, and, if you've ever visited yourself, you understand why. This is one of the world's most appealing places to spend time, meaning that, when you're not enjoying your vineyard home yourself, you could make it available on the holiday rental market. Your real asset could produce not only grapes...but vacation rental income, as well!

My point is that owning a little vineyard can be both the fulfillment of a romantic dream and a solid business decision. Whether you invest in making your own wines or simply sell your grapes each harvest and earn vacation rental income while you're away, as a small vineyard owner, you'll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your investment continues to produce and appreciate, while you savor a life you've dreamed of but probably thought you'd never be able to realize....
Napa of the 1960s
What is a successful vineyard in Napa County, California, worth today? One industry publication put the price of a fully planted and producing vineyard in Napa in 2009 at US$225,000 to US$300,000 per acre.

And that's just the cost of buying the vineyard! Add in the costs of cultivation, vineyard management, maintenance... In all, you're talking about ongoing costs, after you've made the initial investment, of many thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

I did a little research before I sat down to write this letter to you, and I found a Napa County vineyard and home currently on offer at just under US$2 million. That's for just 9 acres, only 7.5 of which are planted in vines. Francis Ford Coppula reportedly paid US$300,000 per acre for his Napa vineyard.

That's today. Of course, though, Napa vineyards haven't always been this expensive.

According to Napa County real estate professional John Bergman, Napa vineyards sold for an average of just US$2,000 an acre in 1960.

If only you had arrived in Napa 50 years ago! Before California wines became recognized worldwide for their excellence, before winemaking became the "in" hobby of celebrities, Hollywood types, athletes, and wealthy L.A. business owners.

Even during this global recession, Argentina's grapes are in fast-growing demand.
Today, no question--the idea of a vineyard of your own in Napa is a daydream that only the rich and famous could possibly realize.

You can't turn back the clock to Napa 50 years ago, of course. But you can, right now, get in on the "Next Napa."

I'm good at spotting opportunities and trends, but I can't take credit for this one. The whole wine-loving world is waking up now to the potential of what is being heralded internationally as the New Napa: Mendoza Province, Argentina.

I didn't invent the idea that Mendoza could one day be as popular as Napa...but I do recognize opportunity when I see it. I've been to the Mendoza region, and I like what I see.

Acres of productive vineyards...wineries pouring velvety reds and crisp whites for more and more tourists each year, all eager to taste the romance of the winemaker's life.

According to the Consejo Empresario Mendocino, or Business Council of Mendoza, "The Province has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Argentina. It is visited by more than 2 million people per year, mainly from Brazil, Europe, Chile, and the United States."

You could be there, in your own home set in a peaceful valley setting, graced by peach, pear, and apricot groves, as well as, of course, your own vineyards. In the distance, snowy Andean peaks rise against the azure sky...

You could build your dream home, complete with hand-crafted woodwork and painted ceramic tiles. Three bedrooms, two baths, and the terrace where you'd spend so much of your day, shaded by the bougainvillea, watching the clouds over the mountains, the workers among the vines...

Super low cost of living...high quality foods and wines...dramatic scenery...350 days of sun a, livable cities...quality transportation and education...and a culture that values time spent with family and friends...

Sounds ideal, doesn't it? Indeed, it is...
Welcome to La Vida Buena Boutique Vineyards: The Good Life Defined

In 2007, friends Tom and Yvonne Phelan came to Argentina so Tom could speak at an investment conference in Buenos Aires. Afterward, they thought they'd explore the country, especially the wine region of Mendoza. Tom and Yvonne had lived in California's wine region, and they wanted to see how Argentina's wines and vineyards compared. They, like so many, had long held a dream of owning their own vineyard, but, in California, they'd had to give it up.

In Mendoza, specifically in charming San Rafael, they liked what they saw...and what they tasted. The cost of living was low, the land promising. Mendoza was already a well-established wine-producing region -- though, until a decade ago, Argentines had managed to keep that secret to themselves. They drank and cellared most of the wine produced in this fertile region. In Argentina, the parrilla (bar-b-que) is the favorite meal, and a deep, velvety Malbec is the perfect accompaniment.
Like Napa...
But At 1960 Prices

"I lived for many years in Southern California. Yvonne lived in Northern California. We both watched the vineyard prices of Napa and Sonoma Counties skyrocket out of our financial reach, so when we saw the vineyards in San Rafael [Mendoza Province, Argentina], it was like seeing Napa and Sonoma again, but at 1960 prices."

--Tom Phelan
La Vida Buena Vineyard

After a lot of on-the-ground research and footwork, two years spent scouting vineyards and properties, Tom and Yvonne found something they'd dreamed of for so long--a piece of property ideal for planting new vineyards. These fertile 108 acres are nestled among peach and plum orchards and, when Tom and Yvonne discovered them, they were available for sale at a better-than-reasonable price.

Here, they could realize their dream: Owning and managing a vineyard and winery, where they could make the kind of excellent wines they admired and enjoyed. They could live a life among the vines, in a place where they could welcome friends to join them.

So Tom and Yvonne bought their 108-acre parcel of prime farmland and began plowing, planting, and building for the future. Because it represented the "good life" to them, they named their project La Vida Buena. The vineyard life Tom and Yvonne created is designed to be shared with others. And that's what they are doing now...providing you the opportunity to realize your dream as they realize theirs, with your own Boutique Vineyard, part of the La Vida Buena vineyard and winery development.
A Dream You Can Share

It's not an uncommon dream -- to own a vineyard, to make wine, to have it bottled and sold under a private label, to stock a private cellar...

Many share this dream. Why do so few realize it?

First, of course, because buying a vineyard and building a winery costs more than most people can afford to invest. A vineyard of less than 50 acres isn't always economically feasible, and a vineyard of more than 50 acres requires a considerable budget.

Second, because realizing this dream...managing, cultivating, and harvesting a vineyard...takes a lot of work and expertise.

If only you could participate in this lifestyle, investing the way the wealthy a gentleman farmer, letting others do the heavy lifting of building, cultivating, harvesting, and actually making the wines. Your role: Relax and enjoy all the fruits of that labor.

Now you can. This is the genius of Tom and Yvonne's La Vida Buena Boutique Vineyards. They've created an opportunity for small investors to join together and enjoy the benefits of the wine-lover's life.

All the Fun, Without Any of the Work...
That's My Kind of Investment!

Vineyards are farmland, after all, and cultivating grapes is a labor-intensive business. Managing that business requires a great deal of experience, know-how, and elbow grease. Winemaking is a blend of art and science...a skill that takes years to perfect.

Tom and Yvonne understood from the beginning that to develop a new vineyard--to plant and manage cultivation of the grapevines over time and to make great wines--is the work of experts. Over a period of two years, they visited hundreds of vineyards and became friends with professionals in every aspect of the winemaking and grape-growing business. In fact, they learned so much that Tom wrote a book called The Argentine Vineyards Buyer's Guide to help others find their way.

Once they had the land, Tom and Yvonne set about assembling the team of seasoned professionals and experienced workers who would manage and carry out the daily work of cultivating the vineyards.

They retained agronomist Jose Luis Miguelo to oversee the design of the vineyard and the cultivation of the vines and to monitor the conditions and progress throughout the grape-growing process. It's not common that a small vineyard would invest in an agronomist of its own, but that's what Tom and Yvonne have done. Jose Luis has 20 years experience and supervises many vineyards in San Rafael for investors from England, France, Ireland, Holland, the United States, and Argentina.

In addition, Tom and Yvonne hired vineyard manager Raul Gil to oversee the day-to-day running of the vineyard. Raul has seven years experience managing vineyards for owners from Argentina, Europe, and the United States.

And, for the work of planting, cultivating, and pruning the vines, Tom and Yvonne hired a full-time vineyard worker named Segundo. Segundo lives on the property with his family, watching over the vineyard day and night.

Future plans for the La Vida Buena include a six-bedroom, six-bath estancia, or ranch house, where you, as a vineyard owner, can stay as a guest of La Vida Buena when you come to visit and check the progress of your investment. This way, you can spend time at your vineyard without having to invest in building a home of your own if you don't want to.

In addition, Tom and Yvonne have developed relationships with the local Bodegas where they have been invited to produce wine under the La Vida Buena label. As a Boutique Vineyard owner, you could choose to have your wines custom-made from your grape harvest at these wineries, as well.

Or, if you prefer, simply sell your grapes to the winery and buy as much La Vida Buena wine as you want, in the varietals that you want, when you want it. This saves you the cost of cellaring your own wine, as well as the effort and costs of marketing it. Either way, this spares you the expense of trucking your grapes to a local winery. And what could be easier, if you don't live in the vineyard full-time, than simply arranging for La Vida Buena to purchase your grapes or produce your wines. It's the ultimate in "gentleman farmer" convenience and savings.

Own a Vineyard in Argentina, Without Leaving Home...or Losing Sleep
As someone who has owned property all over the world, I know the pitfalls of absentee ownership. Hard assets are great, especially when financial markets are unstable, but they require someone to take care of them.

Until now, it just hasn't been practical to invest in a vineyard unless you had enough money to invest in a big vineyard and the staff to run it. Because the return on a small vineyard simply couldn't cover the costs of the laborers, vineyard manager, agronomist, and enologist -- plus someone to keep the books and run the business.
La Vida Buena Makes It
Not Only Possible, but Practical
The key is sharing the costs, becoming part of a vineyard large enough to cover operations. By pooling resources, small investors can share the costs of running a big vineyard, achieving the economies of scale needed to make this dream realizable with only a modest investment.

By sharing the costs of cultivation, management, and harvest, La Vida Buena allows small investors to live the big dream...a life of sunny days, dramatic vistas, the abundant fruits of the land, and the adventure of making your own wine, taking part in the process as much or as little as you like.
Two Free Weeks of
Heaven on Earth, Every Year
Life among the vines sounds like heaven, but let's come down to Earth for a moment. Maybe you're not ready to pick up and move to Argentina, and maybe you aren't ready to retire. Maybe you continue to work or to operate a business that you can't relocate with you. Maybe you simply don't want to leave your home, your friends, your family, and your community.

As a vineyard owner at La Vida Buena, you don't have to. You can have it all -- your life back home, your family, friends, work, and the romance of a new life among the vines.

As a Boutique Vineyard owner, you'll receive two weeks free accommodation in the estancia every year. You stay as a guest of La Vida Buena in the six-bedroom, six-bath estancia with swimming pool, vegetable garden, fruit trees all around, and terrace surrounded by the vineyards. The estancia can be your home among the vines if you don't want the expense of building and maintaining your own home here. This way, you can enjoy the wine-lover's life part-time if you want.
Be a Gentleman Farmer on Your Own Vineyard
Frankly, making wine is watch, to learn about, to assist in, if and when you choose. But managing a vineyard requires daily attention and a lot of hands-on work. Grapevines have to be pruned and irrigated; the grapes must be thinned when the time comes; and then there's harvest. As the weather turns, the vineyard manager must check the grapes for maturity, sugar content, and concentration of flavor...because they must be picked at just the right time. A day's delay can diminish their flavor, and their value.

Running a vineyard is a big responsibility...but owning a vineyard doesn't have to be. In fact, as an owner, you can come and go as you please. Relax on your terrace or beside the pool...or take part in the grape-growing and winemaking, just for fun. It's up to you. Either way, as a Boutique Vineyard owner at La Vida Buena, you know that your investment is being professionally managed...growing in value...and producing wines that you and your friends will be able to enjoy for years and years to come.

There's a practical advantage to owning a vineyard in Argentina. The seasons down here are the reverse of those in North America. When the snow is falling up north and ice is coating your windshield each morning, it's summer down here in Mendoza!

Imagine escaping to your private vineyard just as your neighbors are hunkering down to make it through another winter. You bid them adios and head down to the estancia, where you can spend your days floating in an aqua swimming pool, staring at a blue sky, dining on the open-air terrace, savoring vegetables picked fresh from the garden and fruit from the orchard. Wander among your own vines...tour other wineries throughout the region...sample the most recent vintages -- including your own!

As a Boutique Vineyard owner at La Vida Buena, you can have the best of both worlds: Freedom and ownership...your life at home plus the winemaker's dream...perks without work. Just like the wealthy vineyard owners in California, France, and elsewhere.

Only you sure don't need to be wealthy to realize this dream.
Or Live Your Dream Among
the Vines Year-Round
On the other hand, maybe visiting your vineyard once a year just isn't enough for you. Perhaps you are ready to realize the wine country life full-time in your dream home set amongst the vines, where you can watch the vines grow and the fruit mature from tiny green buds to plump, purple grapes. Maybe you want a front-row seat for each year's harvest, when, before dawn, the workers begin marching down the rows, snipping each cluster of grapes from its vine with a quick twist of the knife.
At La Vida Buena Boutique Vineyards, this dream, too, can come true. However, in truth, not for everyone. Only 6 of the 15 Boutique Vineyards come with home sites. Of these, only two remain available as of this writing.

Tom and Yvonne could have planned a home site for every Boutique Vineyard. But they value the integrity of the dream and of the vineyard. The wine country life isn't lived in a subdivision. It centers around the vineyard itself, around cultivating grapes and making wine. Preserving the romance of the life demands that your vista is filled with vineyards, orchards, mountains, sky...not shoulder-to-shoulder neighbors living in tract homes.
Your IRA or Individual 401(K) can invest in a vineyard, and you can enjoy the perks, starting now!

This is an excellent time to consider an investment in hard assets. With the stock market losing trillions, and IRAs having lost huge amounts of equity, more and more people are looking for alternative investments.

A U.S. Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or Individual 401(K) can buy real estate, including foreign real estate -- including a vineyard. Your investment pays off with an annual return, continued improvements that increase the property's value, and appreciation over time...especially as the demand for Argentine wines, and the vineyards that produce them, continues to grow.

So Tom and Yvonne have limited the number of home sites to only six on the entire 108-acre La Vida Buena Boutique Vineyards property. There you can live full-time, if you like, among neighbors who share your passion for the peace and beauty of wine country.
Invest in Your Dream...For Less Than the Cost of an Ordinary Second Home

I know it's hard to believe: A hard asset that pays for itself, that could put money in your pocket, that could appreciate over time...and that lets you enjoy the wine country lifestyle.

But it's true. At La Vida Buena, you can own your own completely turnkey Boutique Vineyard -- fully planted, staffed, and managed -- for much less than it would cost you to buy an ordinary second home.

As with any real estate opportunity, the earlier you invest...the less you pay. That's because you pay for what you see, and the lowest price is always pre-construction...pre-infrastructure...pre-planting.

Tom and Yvonne offered their lowest price when the vineyard was still just 108 acres of fertile land, waiting to be developed. Today, however, a great deal has been accomplished and much work and investment have already gone into the property. As a result, the value, of course, of the property overall and of each Boutique Vineyard, is much greater.

What does your Boutique Vineyard investment include?
  1. Fee-simple title to your own Boutique Vineyard property...
  2. Professionally designed vineyard, including all required infrastructure, irrigation system, posts, and trellis wire...
  3. Housing for on-site resident worker, providing 24/7 security...
  4. Grapevines of your choice of varietals:
    • Argentina's signature Malbec...
    • Cabernet sauvignon...
    • Syrah...
    • Chardonnay...
    • Chenin blanc...
  5. First two years of vineyard maintenance...
  6. Professional Agronomist...
  7. Experienced Vineyard Manager...
  8. Experienced Vineyard Worker in Residence...
  9. Experienced Vineyard Day-Workers...
  10. Enologist (Wine Maker)...
  11. PLUS: Two weeks free accommodation at the estancia every year...valued at US$2,800 per year*
* Subject to availability during certain times of the year.

Vines begin to produce grapes three years after planting. At five years, you can expect a full harvest yield of 10,000 kilos of grapes per hectare (2½ acres), or 7,500 (750ml)bottles of wine.

A Fully Turn-Key Vineyard At
A Cost For Less Than You Could Imagine

To recap, here's what Tom and Yvonne have accomplished to date at La Vida Buena:

  • Built the resident worker’s house, which is now occupied by the full-time caretaker and his family…
  • Constructed a galpon (barn)…
  • Invested in the necessary farming equipment…
  • Created a half-mile entry road lined with hundreds of fruit trees—cherry, plum, peach, fig, quince, apple, pear...
  • Planted dozens of olive trees to further enhance the entrance…
  • Planted 43 acres of grapevines with another 13 acres being planted this year…
  • More than 10,000 posts installed and miles of wire strung...
  • Irrigation trenches dug...
  • Commenced construction of a commercial water well…

Tom and Yvonne have even accomplished their first sale of grapes. The enologist for the Bianchi Bodega, the #1 (and largest) in San Rafael, bought their Malbec grapes this year…

Now that so much has been much time, labor, and money invested in infrastructure, land preparation, grape vines, planting, and worker housing... the project is entering Phase II as a burgeoning success.

Of course, the Phase II prices will be higher than Phase I prices, reflecting all the added value and investment.

Don't get me wrong. Even at these Phase II prices, a La Vida Buena Boutique Vineyard is still an amazing deal...the best opportunity I can imagine for someone to own a fully staffed, professionally managed, productive vineyard and be a part-time gentleman-farmer viticulturist, winemaker, or both!

Perhaps most amazing is that, even at Phase II prices, your La Vida Buena Boutique Vineyard still costs far less than the cost of an ordinary second home.

Your Window of Opportunity
for an Even Better Deal

However, I'm writing today to let you know that, for a limited time, Tom and Yvonne are offering Live and Invest Overseas readers the opportunity to participate as a Boutique Vineyard owner at La Vida Buena at an exclusive discount. This discount amounts to a full US$9,500 savings, and, again, this limited-time chance is available only to readers of Live and Invest Overseas.

With all the improvements and investment already made in the La Vida Buena Boutique Vineyards, the usual Phase II price--just US$164,450 for your own fully planted, staffed, and managed 2-hectare (5-acre) vineyard capable of producing 16,000 (750 ml) bottles of wine a year--is, again, a tremendous bargain. It's a rare opportunity for you to own a piece of the wine country life even on a modest retirement budget.

But that's not the price for you right now. Right now, you can purchase a 2 hectare (5-acre) fully planted, staffed, and managed Boutique Vineyard for the Live and Invest Overseas exclusive price of only US$154,950.

Tom and Yvonne have accomplished a great deal to date (their success has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and the London Financial Times), and they continue to push ahead with their plans for developing their La Vida Buena Vineyards. As a result, they're launching Phase II pricing, this exclusive discount for Live and Invest Overseas readers is available for a limited time only. You have until Nov. 30, to take advantage of it. After that date, the full Phase II pricing will be in effect for everyone, including Live and Invest Overseas readers.

Tom and Yvonne are standing by to answer your questions. Contact them now for full details, including production options and projected returns.

Order Now!

Kathleen Peddicord
Publisher, Live and Invest Overseas

P.S. A Boutique Vineyard at La Vida Buena Vineyards amounts to one of the most appealing Pleasure Investing opportunities I can imagine. Tom and Yvonne are already realizing their dream. The vines are planted...the management is in place...and plans are moving ahead for the winery and the estancia. Tom and Yvonne are moving into Phase II of their development plan, but, as a Live and Invest Overseas reader, you have a limited-time opportunity to participate with a substantially discounted price.

This is a wine-lover's chance of a lifetime. Living the wine country life will never be easier...or more affordable.

This is a fully turn-key vineyard opportunity. Get in touch with Tom and Yvonne now for full details on how you could launch your new life in the heart of the New Napa.

Yes, I'd like to know more about owning my own Boutique Vineyard in the heart of beautiful Mendoza, Argentina, wine country!

Please get in touch.
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