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Global Property AdvisorA portfolio of international real estate holdings should be an important part of your strategy. First, if you’re an American, it is one of two assets you can hold offshore without triggering a reporting requirement. Secondly, depending on where you invest, you’re diversifying your assets into other currencies… protecting yourself from any potential dollar crisis in the US. And perhaps most important, international real estate can become the most lucrative and stable investment of your portfolio holdings. Our Global Property Advisor service informs you where and how to buy, when to exit, and how to take your profits.

Lief Simon’s Global Asset Protection and Wealth SummitThe greatest and most comprehensive resource we offer on asset protection, tax mitigation, international investment, and offshore banking. This event introduces you live and in person to our top banking, tax, residency, citizenship, asset-protection, international business, structures, and going-offshore investing experts. The connections, networks, and information gleaned from these events are invaluable… and unmatched by any resource you’ll find.

Lief Simon’s Wealth Building and Diversification KitThis kit is the next best thing to our live event, Lief Simon’s Global Asset Protection and Wealth Summit. There are no networking or personal consultations, but there is a wealth of information, consisting of the collection of audio recordings and power point presentations from our top banking, tax, residency, citizenship, asset-protection, international business, structures, and going-offshore investing experts. As a new reader, it’s available to you for 50% off.

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