Woody Funderburk

Woody Funderburk has been heavily involved in real estate investing over the last ten years. It was through real estate that he first learned about self-directed IRA's. Using his own IRA, partnering with others and borrowing from the IRA's of others he learned the ins and outs of using a self-directed IRA to make alternate investments.

Today he dedicates himself to helping people understand what their options are for self-directed investing of their retirement plans, both at home and abroad.

We recommend getting in touch with Woody Funderburk, if you plan to set up a self-directed IRA. If you want control of your retirement savings, without custodians or administrators, Woody can provide you with a Self-Directed Solo 401k that allows investment in real estate, precious metals, and much more. Freedom to choose, checkbook control, personally hold the assets.

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