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Live In Mexico

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Live in Mexico

Cost Of Living In Mexico

It’s no surprise that many people wish to relocate to Mexico. The country appeals to everyone’s interests and offers much, including charming towns, upscale resorts, inviting culture, numerous beaches, and breathtaking scenery.

If you’re looking to retire in Mexico, you’re in luck. Their immigration system is simple, which is why remote workers and retirees want to spend their golden years in Mexico.

But how much does it cost to live in Mexico?

This question has recently sparked much debate, but the cost of living in Mexico generally depends on your expectations, lifestyle, and location. Nonetheless, the idea is that living here is less expensive than in most developed economies.

But how much does it cost to live in Mexico?

This question has recently sparked much debate, but the cost of living in Mexico generally depends on your expectations, lifestyle, and location. Nonetheless, the idea is that living here is less expensive than in most developed economies.

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You could live comfortably in Mexico for about US$1,400 a month.
Here is a breakdown of the essential commodities and their prices.

  •  Electricity

Electricity costs in Mexico vary depending on the appliances you possess. For example, if you want air conditioning, you’ll have higher electrical bills than what they otherwise would be. (Estimated monthly price US$70.)

  • Gas

The primary use of gas in Mexico is to cook and heat water. Most people reduce gas usage by installing solar water heaters, which translates to less than US$30 monthly for a couple.

  • Internet and Phone

Many service providers in Mexico offer internet at affordable rates. Telmex, for instance, delivers packages for high-speed internet starting at about US$21 monthly. Landline services offer a 30-day plan of unlimited calls within North America for about US$10.

  • Cable TV

Expect to pay US$35 to US$45 monthly for cable plans. These plans provide limited English-language programming, but you can switch to other packages with more English programming at higher rates.

  • Transportation Costs In Mexico

Mexico has a broad range of transportation choices to help residents and visitors tour local areas conveniently. Bus travel, for example, is a convenient way to get around Mexico, and it costs less than US$1 per ride. Taxis are also viable; they charge you US$2 to US$5 each way, depending on the distance and traffic.

Having a car is not a must, although most people prefer to have one. The cost for a car’s maintenance, insurance, and fuel can amount to about US$150 monthly.

  •  Health Care In Mexico

Mexico has many public and private health care facilities, so the price varies.

These facilities run independently and only deliver services to residents within their reach. Before deciding on your suitable plan, please do some background research to understand the services offered.

Generally, you will spend at least US$20 to visit a doctor. Antibiotics prescriptions can start at about US$11, and you can find a box of cold medication for about US$6.

  • Entertainment Cost

Mexican towns are known for their vibrant culture and nightlife scene. Whether you fancy partying or going out for dinner or a movie, it’s easy to keep yourself busy in Mexico. The estimated cost for dinner at a typical restaurant is about US$24 for two people. Two movie tickets will cost you about US$18, while concerts go for about US$5 to US$15.

  • Food and Groceries

Mexico parades fresh ingredients everywhere, making it suitable for trying new dishes on a budget. Whether you choose to cook or go out to eat, you’ll spend fewer dollars on food than in most countries.

A bottle of wine, for example, goes for about US$10. One caution, however, is that the more specialty and imported things you purchase, the higher the price.

  • Clothing Purchase

If you have a clothing budget of US$100, you could buy 2 to 4 blouses or shirts or a pair of jeans and trousers, depending on the store. The same amount can fit three pairs of shoes depending on the quality.

How Much Is A House In Mexico?

The cost of a well-furnished house in Mexico depends on the part of the country you’re looking to buy. The average price starts from US$100,000 to as much as US$1,000,000. It is critical to acknowledge that the current Mexico cost of living might change as the economy thrives.

Another element determining the cost of a house in Mexico is the kind of house you like. If you prefer a small house, expect to pay $100,000 or more. Advanced homes with breathtaking ocean views can cost well over US$1,000,000. You will find different options and house designs between these two price estimates. If you want to retire in Mexicoor generate rental income, go to high tourism regions such as Riviera Maya.

Is Mexico A Good Place To Live?

Mexico ranks high among the countries with good living conditions. It’s more than just an excellent place to visit on vacation.

Mexico has many beautiful places to live, work, and enjoy outdoor activities. Unfortunately, attention-grabbing headlines give this country a negative reputation for being a risky destination. This leaves many people divided, therefore prompting the question: is Mexico a good place to live?

Mexico is a safe place. However, like any other country in the world, Mexico has its dangerous areas. Do you research and make sure to explore before settling on a specific place.


1. Can I retire in Mexico?

Mexico has a lot to offer retirees. A pleasant climate, affordable living standards, and first-rate facilities are among the things you can enjoy retiring here. Even if the current cost of living in Mexico rises, the lifestyle should remain unaffected.

2. How much does it cost to live in Mexico?

Your house rent in Mexico can vary based on the place you choose to live in

In some areas, you can spend about US$451 for a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment a month. The more evolved or classy regions will cost you about US$772 per month. Utility costs average US$103 monthly, but you can reduce the price to US$70, assuming you have a roommate.

These budgets are all estimates. Your monthly budgets will ultimately depend on your lifestyle choices.

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