Mazatlán, Mexico

The Pearl Of The Pacific

Mazatlan is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Sinaloa.  Several centuries after the city was founded by Spaniards and settlers, a group of German immigrants arrived and turned the area into a booming, successful port that is still thriving today.  The German influence in Mazatlan at present is not that prevalent, the most recognized German contribution is probably the very popular Pacifico beer which is still brewed today in the Cerveceria del Pacifico.

Mazatlan has a little of everything:  historical attractions and monuments spread all over the city, beautiful beaches and islands. a scenic malecón, an aquarium with over 200 species of fish, a 19th century opera house which has been renovated and turned into a theatre, world-class fishing and delicious street food which the locals know is the way to go.


Mazatlan has an international airport and also ferry service from La Paz.  Although it is commonly known as a beach resort town, it’s prosperous port supports an industrious city that could survive independently of the tourism industry.  The port is soon to undergo an upgrade to modernize and expand it to further accommodate the needs of the region.

Pacifico beer is not the only important export, Mazatlan has the largest shrimp fleet on the pacific coast of Mexico.

The north of the city is called the Zona Dorada, or Gold Zone, and is where most of the tourist action takes place.  The southern part is the city center, the downtown.  The two areas are connected by a scenic esplanade called Avenida del Mar.

There are a few large superstores you may recognize from home but certain products like electronics and name brand clothing will be more expensive.  Generally though, cost of living is considered to be low.


The climate in Mazatlan is tropical with a wet season and a dry season.  The rainy months are April to October with August being the wettest.  The hurricane season does affect this city but the Baja Peninsula protects the area somewhat.  The best time to visit would be in October and November where the weather is turning towards pleasant summer temperatures with cool coastal breezes but the prices are not yet at their peak.  The months with the best weather, a.k.a. tourist season, are December to March.  You can also expect crowds from Cruise Ships that dock in the area in these months.

Monthly Budget For A Couple Living In Mazatlán, Mexico

Expense Monthly Cost Notes
Rent MXN 14,330 Unfurnished, two-bedroom, comfortable apartment of 75-80 square meters in desirable part of town near the beach.
Gas MXN 270 Used for hot water and cooking.
Electricity MXN 1,000 With air conditioning.
Water MXN 90
Transportation MXN 1,800 For taxis and buses in and around town.
Internet and Cable MXN 435
Medical Appointments MXN 300 A basic doctor/clinic appointment; per visit. (500 for a specialist, and about 1,500 for an ER visit.)
Household Help MXN 4,800 Two four-hour visits per week; 600 per visit.
Groceries MXN 3,500 Basic item for a couple.
Entertainment MXN 4,540 Movie tickets: 40 per person; dinner and drinks for two: 540-1,250; drinks for two: 110.
Total MXN 31,065 USD $ 1,613.94


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