Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Aerial view of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico showing the houses and ocean

The Legendary Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The city that hugs the shores of one of the world’s largest and most beautiful bays—the Bay of Banderas—is the legendary resort town of Puerto Vallarta. Romantic, Puerto Vallarta certainly is; it’s a favorite spot for weddings and honeymoons.

Today, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most sophisticated resort towns (and the second biggest tourist destination) in Mexico, with more cachet than Mazatlan and more chic than Cancun. Though it’s a major cruise ship destination, with ship arrivals almost daily, the massive influx of tourists (over 2 million visit each year) hasn’t lessened Vallarta’s appeal for those thinking about staying on longer term.

Cost Of Living In Puerto Vallarta

As a retirement destination, Puerto Vallarta offers top-notch shopping, fine dining, a wealth of activities, convenient communications with the United States, plenty of English speakers for socializing, and a beautiful location on the Pacific.

The cost of living for a couple in Puerto Vallarta comes to as little as 27,970 Mexican pesos per month.

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Monthly Budget For A Couple Living In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Rent MXN 15,000  Unfurnished, two-bedroom apartment.
Gas MXN 350  For cooking.
Transportation MXN 1,200  40-50 pesos per taxi ride.
Electricity MXN 700  Light A/C usage.
Water MXN 260  
Telephone MXN 389  
Internet N/A  Bundled with phone.
Cable TV MXN 500  
Groceries MXN 4,000  Basic items for couple. 
Entertainment MXN 5,330  Social outing, 600-800 pesos p/person
Total MXN 27,729 US$1,467


Despite Puerto Vallarta’s international appeal and glamorous cachet, it remains surprisingly affordable, including the cost of its real estate. This city offers the best choice for a fully appointed Pacific coast retirement that is also affordable.In Puerto Vallarta, you aren’t buying for someday, you have the opportunity to buy a world-class lifestyle in a region with world-class beaches and ocean views that is supported, right now, by world-class golf courses, marinas, restaurants, and shopping.

Infrastructure In Puerto Vallarta

This stretch of Mexico’s Pacific coastline has already been developed to a high level. Life here can be not only comfortable but also fully appointed.The Pacific coast in and around Puerto Vallarta has been invested in, over decades, not only by developers and speculators, but also, importantly, by the Mexican government. The government has supported private investment in this region over time, and now it has refocused its attention here, specifically on the stretch of coast running for about 100 miles north from Nuevo Vallarta.

Climate In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has a hot, sunny climate. Winters are dry and sunny, with temperatures around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, making this a pleasant destination for snowbirds. Summer temperatures can reach the 95 degrees and are somewhat humid, and this is also the rainy season (June to September). Fortunately, there are usually sea breezes, and evening temperatures generally drop to around 75 degrees, even when the day has been hot.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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