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Health Care In Mexico

Mexican Health Care is High-Quality and Affordable

Mexico offers affordable, international-standard health care and medical tourism in this country is a booming industry. Health care in Mexico is top-notch, as it is one of the 10 most visited countries in the world for medical care.

The Mexico health care system provides both public and private options. The treatment and care are high-quality and affordable. You can find at least one hospital in every mid-sized and large city. Many Mexican doctors are trained in the United States, Europe, or Canada and speak English fluently and most medical workers at all levels speak basic-to-good English. Any town we direct you to in Mexico would have adequate local facilities to treat basic ailments, be it a clinic or a hospital.

Cost of Health Care in Mexico

The doctors here will spend time with you and often provide their home and cellphone numbers so you can contact them directly. Many doctors make house calls. Several expats commented that the cost of a routine office visit was the same or less than their copays back in the United States, around US$30. Specialists are available in town in private practice or in Querétaro. Fees are in the range of 500−800 pesos (around US$25-50) per visit. Expats report high levels of satisfaction with quality and cost both with doctors and dentists in Mexico.

Like many countries in Latin America, Mexico has developed a broad-based health system that comprises complex institutional structures. Following several health care reforms, the resulting system is a segmented delivery structure with three separate components: a Social Security system that covers workers in the formal sector (and also accepts voluntary applications, see below), a public-services system that provides services to a portion of the lower and middle classes, and a diverse private sector that covers Mexican citizens from various economic backgrounds.

Foreigners usually apply for the insurance offered by the Mexican Institute of Social Security as a major medical fallback because the health care provided is sometimes deficient. Once you are a resident, you can apply to IMSS, and, if accepted, you will renew the contract each year and pay the annual fee.

Mexico is also a top choice for dental tourism

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