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Colombia Fast Facts

Investing in Colombia

Population: 47,698,524
Capital City: Bogota
Climate: Tropical, Isothermal

Colombia is quickly becoming one of the next great expat destinations.

Language: Spanish
International Dialing Code: +57
Chief of State: Iván Duque Márquez

Colombia Is Quickly Emerging Into The Next Great Expat Destination...

Colombia is quietly becoming one of the world’s best overseas havens. From colonial Bogota to friendly Medellin, and famous Cartagena on the Caribbean coast, this corner of the world is shedding the stigma that has lingered since Pablo Escobar’s death more than 20 years ago.

These days Colombia is a solid, stable democracy on the move. The country is on strong economic footing, showing impressive growth, boasting a powerful industrial base, and enjoying an energy surplus, thanks to its abundant natural resources. In a show of international faith, Colombia’s government bonds joined the investment-grade club in 2011 and the country remains a good bet for investors.

Importantly for retirees and expats, Colombia is also home to the best health care in Latin America, with well-equipped hospitals and excellent service available at very affordable prices.

On top of the fantastic financial opportunities Colombia offers great beaches, great weather, fascinating culture and friendly people…

Colombia, and in particular, City of Flowers, Medellin, is the emerging champion for retiring, living, investing, or owning a second home overseas. Both the The New York Times and National Geographic included Colombia on their recent best trips list.

Three types of people should be paying attention to Colombia right now:

The investor: Prices are an absolute, global bargain. Costs of getting in are low, and demand is growing at an accelerating rate. Right now in Medellin, you could buy almost anything and feel confident that you could make money. Rental yields are running from 8% to 14% on good properties…

The retiree: Colombia, specifically Medellin, the City of Flowers and Eternal Spring, is going to become a top destination among North American retirees.

The second-home buyer: More and more, We’re seeing people who are spending their summers in the United States or Europe but skipping out on the ice and snow by wintering in places where they can leave their windows open day and night, all year. These folks are bypassing the old-school snowbird haunts like Arizona and Florida and opting instead for the romance, the excitement, the adventure, and the affordable high-end lifestyle on offer in cities like Medellin.

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