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Best Countries To Live, Invest, And Retire Overseas

World's Best Countries For Living, Retiring, Investing, And More...

Our far-flung team of expats and experts have been at this for decades, all with one goal, to help you find the best places to live, retire, and invest overseas. We feature all of the world’s top destinations for retirement, living abroad, starting a business, accessing health care, buying real estate, and much more. Within each of our individual countries we provide an in-depth, expansive variety of information to help you discover the true story… without the rose-colored glasses.

Whether you’ve dreamt of the Caribbean lifestyle on the beaches of Belize, sitting back and sipping wine along a vineyard in Argentina or France, or you’re simply looking for a nice place to diversify and invest for the future… we have you covered. There has never been a better time to get up, get informed, and find the place that is just perfect for you!

Top Countries

Whether you're looking for fun and sun, a peaceful retirement, or the chance to earn some extra income, you've got a real world of opportunity open to you... We've done our best to narrow down your best options, but only you can decide the right country for you.

A hillside in Portugal with brightly colored buildings and a calm blue sky in the background


Europe at its most affordable and an EU expat haven undiscovered by North America—with excellent infrastructure, pristine beaches, and a perfect climate.

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opportunities in panama


World’s top offshore haven offers easy residency, benefits to retirees, First World health care, and lifestyle options from city to beach to mountain.

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a wooden house with a dock on an island in Belize


Freedom-loving, English-speaking, fiercely independent and private, this friendly Caribbean country is a top choice for beach and the self-sufficient life.

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Investing in Colombia


Traditional, European-feeling culture with a variety of climates and the best health care in Latin America. Medellín is our favorite emerging retirement haven.

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A view over the city of Minerve in Languedoc, France on a blue-sky day


Boasts the world’s best quality of life, Old World charm, high culture, delicious food and wine, and plenty of lifestyle options—from city to rural to seaside.

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aerial view of people enjoying an isolated beach in thailand


Established expat haven with excellent, inexpensive medical care offers residency options and super-low cost living from cool mountains to tropical beaches.

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Calm weather and a tropical climate in Mexico


Easy access to North America, affordable living, miles of coastline, and established expat communities make this one of the world’s most popular options.

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A beautiful real estate development along the bright blue coast of the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Super-affordable, white-sand, tropical beach life popular with expats. European-founded Las Terrenas is our top retirement pick in Caribbean.

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