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Our far-flung team of expats and experts have been at this for decades, all with one goal, to help you find the best places to live, retire, and invest overseas. We feature all of the world’s top destinations for retirement, living abroad, starting a business, accessing health care, buying real estate, and much more. Within each of our individual countries we provide an in-depth, expansive variety of information to help you discover the true story… without the rose-colored glasses. Whether you’ve dreamt of the Caribbean lifestyle on the beaches of Belize, sitting back and sipping wine along a vineyard in Argentina or France, or you’re simply looking for a nice place to diversify and invest for the future… we have you covered. There has never been a better time to get up, get informed, and find the place that is just perfect for you!

The Algarve Coast of Portugal complete with white houses that are trimmed with bright blues and reds
Portugal Europe at its most affordable and an EU expat haven undiscovered by North America—with excellent infrastructure, pristine beaches, and a perfect climate. Read more about Portugal here.


The white sand beach, green palm trees, and blue skies of Panama
Panama World’s top offshore haven offers easy residency, benefits to retirees, First World health care, and lifestyle options from city to beach to mountain. Read more about Panama here.


White-sand beach, Belize
Belize Freedom-loving, English-speaking, fiercely independent and private, this friendly Caribbean country is a top choice for beach and the self-sufficient life. Read more about Belize here.
Colombia Traditional, European-feeling culture with a variety of climates and the best health care in Latin America. Medellín is our favorite emerging retirement haven. Read more about Colombia here.


Lavender field, France
France Boasts the world’s best quality of life, Old World charm, high culture, delicious food and wine, and plenty of lifestyle options—from city to rural to seaside. Read more about France here.


Krabi, Thailand
Thailand Established expat haven with excellent, inexpensive medical care offers residency options and super-low cost living from cool mountains to tropical beaches. Read more about Thailand here.


An ocean view of Mexico with the sun in the background.
Mexico Easy access to North America, affordable living, miles of coastline, and established expat communities make this one of the world’s most popular options. Read more about Mexico here.


The peaceful and sandy shores of the Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Super-affordable, white-sand, tropical beach life popular with expats. European-founded Las Terrenas is our top retirement pick in Caribbean. Read more about Dominican Republic here.


The beautiful brick buildings, softly painted buildings, and jutting church steeples of Cuenca, Ecuador
Ecuador Spring-like climate and super-affordable living in this mountainous expat haven that offers a great retirement residency option and undeveloped beaches. Read more about Ecuador here.


Tuscan hillside, Italy
Italy With delicious food and wine, fashion, art, year-round skiing and beaches, Italy is a cultural paradise and can be super-affordable—plus a great EU travel base. Read more about Italy here.
Lavender field, France

France France has consistently been rated as the #1 health care system in the world. If you are looking for quality, first-class health care you won’t find anywhere better than France. Read more about France here.

Casa Battló, Barcelona, Spain

Spain Like other top European destinations, Spain has a high level of health care. This country offers easy, reliable access to hospitals, dentists, and other emergency services. Read more about Spain here.

Cove beach, the Algarve

Portugal Portugal isn’t a top retirement destination for it’s beaches alone, retirees find comfort in a health care system that is highly regarded for its quality and affordability. Read more about Portugal here.

Medellín skyline, Colombia

Colombia Colombia is a well-known medical tourism destination for both it’s quality of health care and low-cost services. Colombia has the highest rated health care in all of the Americas. Read more about Colombia here.

Krabi, Thailand

Thailand Thailand has one of Asia’s best health care systems. Thailand is a top destination for cosmetic and medical tourism, providing top-notch service at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Read more about Thailand here.

Panama City skyline, Panama

Panama Panama is one of the best places in the world to own and operate an online business. This county offers a pool of talented people, reliable infrastructure, and a pro-business government. Read more about Panama here.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Uruguay Uruguay is a top destination for starting a business. The country provides tax advantages and other benefits that are drawing in entrepreneurs from all corners of the world. Read more about Uruguay here.

The peaceful and sandy shores of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic offers you a rich, relaxing, and truly diverse lifestyle for entrepreneurs. The DR makes it easy to invest in and grow your own business. Read more about The Dominican Republic here.

Borocay Island, Philippines

Philippines The Philippines offers entrepreneurs a nice, friendly place to build a base if you are looking to live in Asia. The country’s retirement program allows foreign residents to work or start a business. Read more about Panama here.

The coastline of Costa Rica with a bright blue ocean and the green land wrapping around

Costa Rica Costa Rica has seen a lot of growth over the last few decades, including those in investment and business development. Costa Rica offers credit, tax, and infrastructure advantages for business owners. Read more about Costa Rica here.

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