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India Fast Facts

Front of the Taj Mahal

Population: 1,392,700,000
Capital City: New Dehli
Climate:Tropical monsoon in south to temperate in north

Hindu Pooinloo Temple

Language: Hindi
International Dialing Code: +91
Prime Minister: Narendra Modi

India: A Vibrant Land Of Diversity, With An Incredibly Low Cost Of Living

India is a dazzling country of culture, religion, language, cuisine, and tradition. It’s the second-biggest country in the world in terms of population and seventh-biggest in terms of landmass. Many are attracted to retirement in India because of its relaxed lifestyle, low cost of living, pleasant weather, and striking natural beauty.

Located in Southern Asia, the Republic of India is surrounded by ocean on three sides: the Indian Ocean to the south, the Bay of Bengal to the southeast, and the Arabian Sea to the southwest. Its extensive coastline is full of magnificent beaches. The Himalayas line the north of the country, cutting India off from its neighbors, which has resulted in the preservation of India’s unique cultures.

India’s melting pot of cultures is a reflection of the country’s eventful history. Multiple empires took turns ruling India, introducing different administrative systems, philosophies, and religions to the country. In the 16th century, European traders became interested in India’s wealth of spices, silk, cotton, and tea. Several countries staked a claim to India until England colonized it in 1858.

In 1947, India claimed independence from Great Britain and became a free state. Now, India is the most populous democracy in the world. Despite significant disparities in wealth throughout the country, India’s economy is rapidly growing. Expats in India can enjoy a high quality of life in beautiful surroundings for a minimal cost.

Indian colorful spices
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Living In India

India is one of the most climatically diverse countries in the world. Its varied geography—deserts, glaciers, mountains, and rain forests—all claim a different microclimate in India.

The country’s south is generally warmer with higher humidity. Winters are mild, while summers can be scorching hot. There is a climate to suit every lifestyle in India.

In most of India, infrastructure is poor, making it difficult to travel around efficiently. This is currently a huge focus for the Indian government, who plan to invest billions to improve the country’s infrastructure in the coming years.

Due to India’s history of British colonization, English remains one of the country’s official languages. A transition to India is much easier than moving to other non-English speaking countries, as it removes the stress of learning a new language. You can find English speakers in most parts of India, and many people are fluent.

Indian people welcome foreigners and believe strongly in hospitality. They even have a slogan “Atithi Devo Bhava,” which translates to “guest is god.” Despite this warmth, some expats find the difference in culture significant, making it difficult to fit in.

Expat communities in India are thriving, which can help bridge this culture gap and make expats feel more at home upon arrival. Expat communities organize events, making it easy to build up a social circle and gain advice from fellow Americans, Canadians, and Europeans.

Taj Mahal at Dawn
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Cost Of Living In India

The cost of living in India is a massive draw for expats wanting to live somewhere exotic but unable to fork out for big-budget destinations. In some parts of India, you could live a luxury life on less than your social security check. Some expats who have relocated to India can afford luxuries they would never have dreamed of in the States, such as chauffeurs, cleaners, and at-home care.

Purchasing property in India can be tricky as a foreigner, but often there is no need, as renting is easier and cheaper. Rent can cost up to 85% less in India than in the States. Expat neighborhoods, however, are pricier than other parts of India.

Buying groceries at local markets will significantly reduce your cost of living compared to relying on costly, imported products. Eating out and entertainment costs vary but are usually much cheaper at authentic, locally run businesses.

Indian rajasthani thali plate
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Health Care In India

India’s public health care system severely lacks funding, resulting in long wait times, lack of equipment, and a shortage of specialists in certain departments. The Indian government is constantly working to improve this situation, but the current public system is far from Western standards.

Excellent private clinics can be found in India’s cities, with English-speaking specialists available in every field. The costs associated with private clinics can rack up, so you should invest in private health insurance when moving to India.

Marina beach in Chennai City, India.
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Getting To India

You can fly direct from several U.S. cities to New Delhi, India’s capital, with certain airlines. It’s a long flight, ranging from 14 to 17 hours… India is, after all, on the other side of the world. It may not be the best destination for homebodies who plan to return to the States frequently.

It’s a good idea to fly onwards from New Delhi to your final destination in India. Arriving in India can be overwhelming, and after a long-haul flight, finding buses or trains can be stressful. That said, India has an excellent rail network, fares are affordable, and you can even get your own private booth with air conditioning on certain routes.

Best Places To Live In India


Sunset beach in Goa, India
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Goa is a small state on India’s west coast. A former Portuguese colony, Goa’s European past has resulted in an eclectic, westernized feel, different from other parts of India.

Goa is a popular destination amongst Indian and international tourists and has a long history of expats relocating here. This influx of visitors has made Goa accessible to outsiders. Most of the population speaks English and is welcoming and open-minded.

Goa claims some of India’s most beautiful beaches, with golden sand, vibrant blue waters, and swaying palm trees. Relocating to Goa is relocating to a tropical paradise.

Goa enjoys sunny, hot weather for most of the year, with a monsoon season lasting from late May to mid-October. Boasting excellent cuisine, focused on fresh seafood, Goa is hard to overlook when choosing a retirement destination in India.


Often nicknamed the “Silicon Valley of India,” Bangalore is the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state. Bangalore attracts people worldwide with its ever-expanding tech industry, meaning excellent job opportunities and constant room for growth.

Bangalore is an easy transition to India for the expat. There are gated communities, highly rated international schools, and world-class medical facilities, and everyone speaks English. Bangalore also has a lively nightlife, restaurants with dishes from all over the world, chic cafés, and beautiful parks where you can spend your time relaxing or catching up with friends.

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