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India Fast Facts

Front of the Taj Mahal

Population: 1,281,935,911
Capital City: New Dehli
Climate:Tropical monsoon in south to temperate in north

Hindu Pooinloo Temple

Language: Hindi
International Dialing Code: +91
Prime Minister: Ram Nath Kovind

Shockingly Cheap, Incredibly Beautiful: This is India

Fast developing India is home to one of the world’s largest populations. Living in the major cities here could leave you grasping for breathe and eager for more personal space. Or at least a place where there’s less garbage strewn about.

However, there lay in other areas beautiful beaches and quiet backwaters…simple villages and lively towns…delicious eats and plenty of friendly smiles.

As one of the two official languages, English is widely spoken. Add to that the extremely low cost of living, and India lands itself as a potential destination on many an expat’s list.

Again, beyond that, the failed infrastructure challenges even savvy travelers. For example, most local maps are wrong. Not just out of date, but drawn wrong. So you need to ask people how to get from place to place. Indians, like so many others in poor countries, tend to make up answers rather than admit they don’t know where you’re talking about.

It’s frustrating and difficult…but temptingly cheap. Quality lunches can often be found for around 50 cents, and you can set yourself up in a hotel for around US$9 a night on the beach (see Kovalam).

Even though Indian law permits foreign ownership of real property, in practice, the infamous Indian bureaucracy can keep it from happening. We don’t recommend buying property in India, but with rental prices so low there’s no need to buy.

For city life, we recommend Trivandrum. We like Kovalam Beach in Kerala as a beach destination.

Our favorite tropical paradise in India, however, is Goa. With its broad white sand beaches, gentle waves, seafood shacks, and tropical weather, this area is a gem.

Goa could also be one of the cheapest place in India, which is very cheap indeed. No wonder it has become expat central. Several thousand expats live in a dozen or so towns stretched along some 60 miles of white-sand beach here. If you’re looking for expat living at very low cost on a tropical beach, start with Goa. 

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