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Goa, India

Living Costs in Goa

To settle down in Goa for part of the year will cost $735 per month for basic expenses. We say part of the year because no one sticks around during the summer monsoon season. Take advantage of those months to visit relatives abroad, or travel around Asia . Besides, you’ll need to leave to renew your visa every six months, via a quick trip to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, wherever. Naturally those travel costs are extra.

We estimate $300 rent for a serviced apartment off the beach; a bit less if you live in a guest house.

We advise that foreigners refrain from buying real property in Goa, at least for now, because of political and legal problems in getting and keeping clean title. We show rental calculations only.

All figures based on our experience in Colva Beach in Goa , but you’ll find most other Goan beaches cost more or less the same.

Serviced flat or guest house in Goa

Expense Monthly Cost Notes
Rent $250 Three or four blocks from the beach
HOA Fees $0 Depending on amenities and security
Property Taxes $0
Transportation $20 Occasional trip to the big city
Electricity $50 More if you use a lot of air-con
Telephone $15 Cell phone, depending on use
Internet $0
Cable TV $0
Household Help, fulltime $0
Food $100
Entertainment $300 Includes meals away from home
Homeowner’s Insurance $0
Exchange Rate: $1=67.92 rupees (June 16)
TOTAL $735

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