Cambodia Fast Facts

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Population: 15,762,370
Capital City: Phnom Penh
Climate: Tropical

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Language(s): Khmer
International Dialing Code: +855
Prime Minister: Hun Sen

The Kingdom Of Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia, on the Indochina Peninsula is blessed with beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains and forests. But aside from natural beauty and the enticing cost of living, Cambodia’s real draw is its people. After decades of war and continuing poverty, the Khmers have somehow managed to keep smiling. They’re warm, welcoming, and infectiously optimistic.

Cambodia’s enchanting culture and Buddhist ethos underpin its peoples’ relaxed, live-and-let-live way of life, and there are many reasons more and more people choose it as their retirement destination.

Capital Phnom Penh, known as “The Pearl Of Asia,” is truly a national treasure. Founded by the French in the 1920s, this city is a vibrant mix of colonial European and Asian cultures. It’s said to be the best example of French Colonial architecture in Indochina and is the economic, cultural, historical, and industrial heart of the country.

For many, Cambodia’s super-low cost of living is the main reason to relocate here. It helps that your cash is king here, too—the U.S. dollar is widely accepted in Cambodia. For sure, this is one of the cheapest overseas destinations we recommend, and has arguably the lowest cost of living in all the Southeast Asian destinations we cover. Many expats claim to be able to live on less than US$5 a day, easily and comfortably.

From the devotional triumph that is Angkor Wat to the cruelty of the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia’s history has always loomed large. But, today, a new Cambodia is emerging. It’s now being hailed as “Thailand 20 years ago” by many expats and foreign visitors. It’s true—stunning, pristine, white-sand beaches hold up against any in Thailand, but are completely undeveloped, unlike Thailand. Aside from development, the cost of living is likewise comparable to Thailand of the 1990s.

On the other hand, Cambodia is far more comfortable than Thailand would have been in the 90s. English is becoming more widely spoken… golf courses and malls more prevalent… and international schooling options beginning to proliferate.

An inspiring revival is underway as Cambodians rediscover their ancient culture. One which the Khmer Rouge sought to wipe out in a maniacal bid to drag the nation back to “year zero.” The country’s art, food, dance, religion, and music are once again thriving—and the world is taking notice.

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