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Health Care In Cambodia

Getting Health Care In Cambodia

The single biggest concern for anyone considering a move to Cambodia has been the lack of quality health care. Many Khmer doctors who trained in Cambodia practice with certifications that wouldn’t stand up in any Western country and the services they provide don’t meet international standards. However, there are also many Khmer doctors who trained abroad, and they offer services of a high standard and at very reasonable prices.

There are a number of international medical facilities in the Phnom Penh; the Thai-owned Royal Rattanak Hospital is considered the best international hospital in town (and it comes with prices to match). Another less expensive option (useful if you’ve got a minor ailment) is Sen Sok University Hospital. The Travelers Medical Clinic is a popular facility for expats living in Phnom Penh, it’s full of English-speaking doctors.

Still, for serious conditions and major medical emergencies, many expats who can afford it choose to seek care in the neighboring cities of Bangkok or Singapore.

While medical care is lacking in Cambodia, standards in dental care are high and care costs little. Most Cambodian dentists trained overseas and many foreign dentists practice in Cambodia.

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