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Costa Rica

Costa Rica Fast Facts

beautiful pool and lounge chairs and palm trees at a tropical resort

Population: 4,930,258
Capital City: San Jose
Climate: Temperate Tropical

A view of the nice, blue skied, tropical climate in Costa Rica along the beach

Language: Spanish
International Dialing Code: +506
President: Carlos Alvarado Quesada

Beautiful, Caribbean Living in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an amazingly beautiful country, with a variety of landscapes. There is something to offer every lifestyle, from wave-breaking beaches to magnificent mountains. Many of the countries best beaches are still clean and clear of over-development.

About three decades ago, this country decided to make a business of the foreign retiree. The Costa Ricans invested in a formal and successful advertising campaign, targeting Americans primarily. Tens of thousands of would-be retirees from the States took up the invitation and relocated to this beautiful land teeming with rainforests.

The benefits were terrific: tax breaks, special retiree discounts, great weather, and, especially, the super-cheap cost both of living and of owning beachfront real estate.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and, thanks to investors and speculators, Costa Rica isn’t so cheap anymore, neither its cost of living nor its beachfront real estate. Meantime, prices have risen dramatically and infrastructure hasn’t improved much at all.

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