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Climate In Costa Rica

Tranquil, Tropical Climate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a tropical and subtropical climate. The highlands of Costa Rica stand out for having a cooler climate. Despite being located near the equator, the country’s average annual temperature ranges in the 70s.
There are two seasons in Costa Rica; dry season, ranging from December to April, and rainy season, ranging from May to November.
Costa Rica has a rich weather diversity as it is positioned on the isthmus and just above the equator. Some places like Guanacaste and San Ramon near the Pacific can be dry, with many tropical dry forests. Meanwhile, Isla Calero, near the Caribbean Ocean, is very wet and has a very humid weather with rain almost throughout the year.

When To Go To Costa Rica

The Dry Season

The dry season also means the high season in Costa Rica, as the country sees almost no rain from December to April. During this time, beach spots and eco-tourism packages are at full burst. It is advisable to book as early as possible for this season if you don’t want to find yourself out of vacancies and get the best deals. If you don’t mind the crowd, this is the best time to go.

The Rainy Season

  • Mid Season: After the year enters May – July, Rain starts picking up and the tourists packing up. Eco-tourism during these dates can get more tricky, as everything is ten times muddier. This season repeats in November.
  • Low Season: Rain reaches its highest point between August through October, driving away most tourism from the country. At this time, when the waters are high and stirred, you’ll find the best surfing conditions and best accommodation prices. Some days going out can be impossible because of heavy rains and floods, though. Play it safe during this season.

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