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San Ramon, Costa Rica

Beautiful, Caribbean Living in Costa Rica

If slow paced, family-centered life, in what is considered by many as the “perfect climate,” appeals to you, then you might want to consider San Ramon, Costa Rica. “Pura Vida” or the Pure Life is a motto used by the people to signify their desire to live a tranquil, peaceful life surrounded by family and friends.

Costa Rica as a whole is not one of the most affordable retirement havens. In fact, it can be very expensive. However, where some areas of the country have become over-developed, and the prices have sky rocketed, San Ramon is still being discovered and remains affordable. In San Ramon, you can rent for as low as US$350 per month or over US$1,000 per month.

ExpenseMonthly Cost
Rent / Phone / UtilitiesUS$680
Electricity (See Rent)0
Telephone (See Rent)0
Internet / Cable TV See Rent)0
HOA Fee0
Property Taxes0
Transportation / Gas323
Household Help0
Personal Care / Clothing50
Entertainment  Travel / Meals Out175
Total Monthly ExpensesUS$1,733

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