Lucy Culpepper

Lucy Culpepper has traveled to, written about, and worked in some 30 countries. She is originally from Wales in the United Kingdom, has lived all over the UK, in southern California, Spain, and France and has spent extended time in Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Previous careers saw her working as a tropical rainforest guide in Peru, an ethno-botanist in Ecuador, catalog production manager for a major U.K.-based travel clothing company, and as the Managing Editor of a triathlon magazine in southern California. Lucy recently spent seven months exploring Mexico and Central America with her husband and two children before deciding to return to Europe. Lucy has now settled into the life of freelance editor and writer.

During the family’s travels she worked online and home educated her children, proving it is possible to travel and find a new ‘home’ country, with children in tow, whilst continuing to work and maintain her sanity (just!).

Lucy is a Euro Correspondent for Live and Invest Overseas.