How To Whitelist Emails From Live And Invest Overseas

Your mail provider is doing everything they can to keep unwanted messages (spam) out of your inbox. Unfortunately, sometimes email you want can be mistaken for junk.

You can guarantee that the mail you want from Live and Invest Overseas is delivered to your inbox, and not the junk folder. Here’s all you have to do:

Step 1: Add us to your Address Book as a Contact. Use the “From” address of any message you’ve received from us as our email address.

(If you have not yet received any emails from Live and Invest Overseas, you can use the address editorial@liveandinvestoverseas.com for this purpose.)

(If you have not yet received any emails from your purchased product on the Live and Invest Overseas Bookstore, you can use the address bookstore@liveandinvestoverseas.com for this purpose.)

That’s it. If your email system works like most, messages from your Contacts are nearly always put into the inbox.

Now, just in case something odd happens, you should be forearmed with:

Step 2: If you ever find a message from us in your spam or junk folder, find the “This is Not Spam” button and use it.

That sends a loud and clear message to your email provider, one they want to hear. You’re not only making sure you get the mail you want, but also helping them to improve the accuracy of their mail filtering.

Thank you.

If you have encountered any problems please feel free to contact us.

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