A Plan For Diversifying Your Assets, Investments, And Life Offshore

This Isn't Woe Are We

Oct. 23, 2014 Belize City, Belize Offshore diversification is the only sensible strategy for addressing the threats of our current age.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

We got right to the point:


It's the surprisingly simple answer to the sometimes seemingly impossible-to-process question:

How do we survive the current age...and the even more troubling one that may be coming?

We didn't waste time reminding ourselves of the threats and the concerns of our current age. No need to wind anyone up. We all assembled this week in Belize City for Lief Simon's Global Asset Protection and Wealth Summitare familiar with the challenges. We read the doomsdayers' blogs. We watch cable news. These are unbelievably volatile times, politically, financially, and economically. The U.S. dollar, the United States of America, heck, even all Western civilization could be on the brink of collapse, according to some who say they know. 

We admit that we don't and let others cover the end-of-times beat.

Ours is how to survive and thrive in the meantime. The threats to your assets, to your privacy, and to your future, both financial and personal, are real, but why spend time belaboring them? We say spend your time instead making a plan to protect them.


Why You Need An Offshore Bank Account

Your First Lesson In Offshore Asset Protection—Remember, This Is Not Illegal

Oct. 22, 2014 Belize City, Belize Going offshore is not illegal, and, in today's world, it is the most important agenda item for all of us.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Going offshore can be a big, scary idea. In fact, thanks to the well-publicized stories of criminals who have indeed taken their ill-gotten gains offshore, many people think that "going offshore" is illegal. This is not true, of course. 

For the record, there is nothing at all illegal about taking whatever you've got and placing it or investing it in another country, even (at least not yet) if you're an American. Although, if you're a U.S. person, going offshore does come with a long and growing list of compliance factors and restrictions.

The truth is that, not only is going offshore not illegal, it is also, in today's world, the most important agenda item for all of us, a practical necessity of our age.


Reasons To Retire To Vilcabamba, Ecuador

From Dubai To Ecuador—Walking Away From A Life Of So Much For A Life Of So Much More

Oct. 21, 2014 Vilcabamba, Ecuador The low cost of living is only one reason to consider retiring to Vilcabamba, Ecuador, which also offers a rewarding quality of life.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Sue and I were living and working in Dubai, and we had it made.

Tax-free salaries, free accommodation, a transportation allowance, free air travel home each year, and 13 months' salary for every 12 months worked. It was a better deal than either of us could have received for comparable work in my home state of Wisconsin or in Sue's home province of Alberta.

Crime was almost nonexistent. The highways smooth and lighted. The communications fiber optic. The TV satellite. The government efficient. The snow skiing (yes, the snow skiing) indoors. It's the desert. It's 100 degrees outside. It's Dubai. Where else would the snow skiing be if not indoors.

We had access to those shopping malls Dubai is famous for, some of the world's largest. 

We had it made.

Now we live on the side of a mountain off a dead-end dirt (we aspire to gravel) road in a rural area of southern Ecuador.


Brisbane & Sydney, Australia, Appealing Snowbird & Travel Options

The Ups And Downs Of Life Down Under

Oct. 20, 2014, Brisbane, Australia Brisbane and Sydney, Australia, are great travel and Snowbird choices but don’t try to retire here; they won’t let you.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Vicki and I recently flew to Australia to visit friends in Brisbane and Sydney. 

By coincidence we were in Brisbane for the grand finale of the Brisbane Festival when 16 tons of explosives lit up skies. In my experience, fireworks usually shoot up from a platform or two. But, in Brisbane, the 30-minute Riverfire show shot up from numerous river barges and three bridges. We were treated to 360 degrees of lights, color, sound, and movement. 

We like Australia and have visited numerous times during the past 25 years. 


Cost Of Living In Chiang Mai

Just How Cheap Is Life In Southeast Asia?

Oct. 19, 2014, Chiang Mai, Thailand: A breakdown of the monthly costs of living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Thailand is one place in the world where you can still enjoy aspects of first-class living at economy-class prices, as Asia Correspondent Paul Terhorst explains:

"A friend from Bangkok visited Vicki and me recently in Chiang Mai. The three of us had lunch at the five-star Shangri-La Hotel. The place oozes elegance. The weekday businessman's special lunch buffet is pasta, pizza, and dessert with espresso coffee, all for about US$8. When it's just Vicki and me, we eat where Thais eat. A plate of fried noodles—Pad Thai, a spicy curry with rice, or a stir-fry veggie dish—for just a dollar or two."

Paul continues:

"If you're in the market for an affordable and exotic place to retire, consider settling down in Chiang Mai, where a retired couple could live for as little as US$1,055 per month if they rent...or for as little as US$765 per month if you own your own apartment or condo.


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