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Vivian Lewis

Vivian Lewis

Vivian Lewis is editor and founder of, the daily blog newsletter for Americans seeking to internationalize their portfolios. Vivian brings unique experience and competences to the business of picking foreign stocks. After graduating from Harvard magna cum laude (and being elected to Phi Beta Kappa), Vivian lived 18 years in Europe, where she worked as a financial journalist. Back in the U.S. in 1989, she decided that retail investors managing their own portfolios deserved the kind of information she had been digging up for mutual fund and pension fund managers. So she started Global Investing, now over 20 years old. It is now an Internet-only daily newsletter for sophisticated, risk-tolerant global investors seeking to diversify internationally. Her publication offers model portfolios that have been the second best performers among all US investment newsletters for the past decade (according to Hulbert’s Financial Digest.) Vivian brings to her readers her familiarity with foreign markets, a full rolodex of contacts garnered during 18 years of living abroad, and the ability to speak a half-dozen languages. She has reporters in exotic lands like China, Japan, and Latin America to help cover the globe. Her newsletter is rigorously independent, with no links to fund management companies, investor relations groups promoting stocks, or Wall Street houses with weak Chinese walls between their investment banking and brokerage operations.
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