The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has temporarily changed the world as we know it.

It has forced countries to close their borders, planes have been grounded, and we must all wash our hands regularly, cocoon, self-isolate, and socially distance while out and about.

Across the world, the situation is changing daily. While we are adapting to our temporary “normal”, this worldwide crisis has made one thing abundantly clear now more than ever––the need for a backup plan or a Plan B.

Before the coronavirus crisis, were you planning an idyllic retirement in Panama? Dreaming of enjoying the low cost of living in Portugal? Thinking of escaping from the cold winters and moving to Mexico? Or considering Colombia for its high-quality health care?

You do not need to delay your planning to fulfil the life you’ve been dreaming about overseas.

Here at Live and Invest Overseas, we are monitoring the situation closely. While it is a very scary and worrying time for the world, one thing is for certain: Now is the time to plan for the future.

The question is, where will you go, or what will you do when all this is over?

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