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Facts About El Salvador

Information Type El Salvador Data
Population 6,141,350 (July 2015 est.)
Gross Domestic  Product (GDP) $52.95 billion (2015 est.)
GDP Per Capita $8,300 (2015 est.)
Inflation Rate -0.88% (Oct 2016 est.)
Currency US Dollar
Exchange Rate 1:1 (US Dollar is the official currency)
Language Spanish (official), Nahua (among some Amerindians)
Capital San Salvador
Population of Capital City 1,098,000 (2015)
Time Zone UTC/GMT -6 hours
Seasons  Rainy season (May to October); dry season (November to April); tropical on coast; temperate in uplands
International Dialing Code 503
Electricity 115V, 60Hz
System of Government Republic
Name and Party Affiliation of Current Leader President Salvador Sanchez Ceren (Since June 2014)
Income Tax Rate for Residents Residents are only taxed on their Salvadorian-sourced income at progressive rates, from 10% to 30%. Non-residents are taxed via withholding at 20% or 25% on certain types of Salvadorian-sourced income. 
Property Tax 0.00% (Other fees include; 0.63% for registration, 3.00% for transfer, 0.15%-1.00% notary)
Capital Gains Tax Capital gains earned by non-residents from selling property in El Salvador are taxed at 10%
Inheritance Tax  Inheritance is subject to income tax rates
Rental Income Tax Non-residents are charged 30% tax on net income derived from leasing properties.
Sales Tax 13%
Restrictions on Foreign Ownership of Property  No
Local Chamber of Commerce http://www.camarasal.com/
American Chamber of Commerce http://www.amchamsal.com/
Primary Exports offshore assembly exports, coffee,sugar, shrimp, textiles, chemicals, electricity
Residency and Visa Requirements To enter the country by air or sea, U.S. citizens must present a current U.S. passport and either a Salvadoran visa or a one-entry tourist card. The tourist card may be obtained from immigration officials for a ten-dollar fee upon arrival in country at an airport or seaport.
Residents or Retirees no
National Airline www.taca.com

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